My name is Lisl and I’m a Bravoaholic.

Yes, it may seem like I’m not the kind of girl that would fall down the dark hole of trashy reality television but all it took was one episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County to get me completely hooked and here’s why.

1. The theme songs. You know you secretly wish you and your friends or family could have a flashy custom intro to your every day lives like the Shahs of Sunset. Campy? But of course.

2. The trips. I totally believe that Lisa Vanderpump has enough money to fly around the world 2983475 times. What I don’t believe? That every single Vanderpump Rules cast member could realistically get the days off of work to go on a group trip to Cabo on their salaries. The places these people go are amazing and usually involve drinking on a beach with one or two massive fights thrown in for good measure. Obviously tuning in.

3. “So you agree? You think you’re really pretty?” Bravo does their homework and if you think that isn’t true you’re lying to yourself. It’s entertaining to watch people do outrageous things and basically life a larger than life life in front of a camera, but it’s much more entertaining when the majority of the people are drop dead gorgeous.

4. The variety. There is a show for every taste. (Unless you hate reality TV then there really isn’t a show for you. Seriously turn the channel you’ll hate it.) From Top Chef to the brand new Toned Up there are shows about cooking, families, friends, businesses, and love. And with the wonder of DVR you can watch them ALL. (That’s excessive. Read a book…but you get the idea.)

5. The totally contrived situations. Yeah sure so-and-so just happened to call you when the camera crew was at your house filming. Its such a coincidence that we ran into you at this club! It’s even more of a coincidence that you have a microphone on! And so on. They may have fooled me on Laguna Beach way back when, but now I just love seeing moments that are totally staged.

6. The spin-offs. I’m a sucker for a good spin-off especially when it trims the fat and gives more screen time to my favorite from another show. Courtney Loves Dallas anyone?

7. The shows we loved (or loved to hate) that are no longer. I do actually miss the good old NYC Prep, Most Eligible Dallas (see #6) and Miami Social days. Why a Bravo reality show doesn’t last is a mystery given that all of them are basically the same series of fight, shop, make out, party, “work”, repeat. Nevertheless they do and I only occasionally watch them on iTunes when nostalgia strikes. (Umm so yeah I maybe bought an episode or two. See title of article.)

There you have it. My deep dark secret. In all honesty though the shows on Bravo aren’t spectacular television, but that’s not what we tune in for. We watch to have a break from our own lives and to see that as much as we’d love to be as rich and seemingly carefree as our favorite cast members money, indeed, does not buy you class (or happiness).

View responsibly ladies and gentlemen. Now pass the remote please.


Lisl Knizner is a 2011 graduate of Grand Valley State University where she earned a B. A. in Advertising and Public Relations . When she isn’t hunting for a fantastic full time job, she enjoys writing, celebrity trivia, and singing the occasional show tune. You can follow her on Twitter at @LMKnizner.

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