To me, friendships are about quality not quantity. I’ve met a lot of people in my 26 years on this earth, but none of them have been able to hack it in comparison to my friends from high school. These girls are my sisters, soul mates and life partners (no, we are not gay together). You can meet friends anywhere. College, online, work, and even the gym. I was fortunate enough to meet mine in high school. We have been there for each other for over a decade and I know these bitches will be there for me, and I for them, and here are the reasons why.

1. We supported each other during our awkward stages


If you were a normal teenager, you definitely went through an awkward stage in high school. Chances are you were a combination of awkward looking and sounding, you had an awkward hair cut, listened to strange music and couldn’t put your eyeliner on straight. But despite all that, your friends still loved you, for you.

If your friends were anything like mine, they probably showed you some tough love, does “ew, what are you wearing and WTF is going on with your eyeliner” sound familiar? Regardless of how rough it sounded at the time, the love was there, and still is, and that’s all that matters.

2. We experienced love and loss together


High school is full of relationships, broken hearts, family drama, bullies and so much more. Listen, you were an angst-y teen who feel in and out of love, experienced death (most likely for the first time) and was picked on by some bitchy, jealous girls. As hard as life got, your friends were always there for you. They were there to pass you a Kleenex, help you stick up for yourself both verbally and physically, and gave you a place to stay when family times got turbulent. Loyalty and understanding is the making of a true friendship.

3. We got drunk together

Ya, ya, I know legally we weren’t allowed to drink in high school but it’s just something that you do. High school drinking equals embarrassing things. Actually, drinking in general equals embarrassing things but thats besides the point. No matter how many sloppy texts you sent, how many times you puked, and the brutal hangovers you experienced, your friends always stood by you and helped you up when you were so drunk that you passed out naked on a toilet. True story. Remember, true friends pick your naked ass up off the bathroom floor and put you to bed.

4. We know everything about each other 


In high school, sleepovers are about as regular as your teenage mood swings. Sleepovers are essential to developing real life long friendships. Sleepovers are where you learn your friends fears, dreams and sleeping habits (i.e. snoring). Ultimately, its where you learn everything about each other. There was nothing superficial about your high school sleepovers, you wouldn’t just ask anyone to sleep over your house would you?

5. We went away to college and still remained in touch


How many friendships have you made over the years where after about six months of not hanging out you know longer speak to each other? Probably a lot. But that’s not the case with your high school friends. In college, you are forced to make new friends and start over, but your girlfriends from home are still the ones you talk to regularly despite your new surroundings. And even after six months of not seeing each other, when you do finally hang out, on Thanksgiving eve or Christmas break, its like nothing ever happened. You guys don’t skip a single beat.

6. We treat each others’ parents like they are our own


Meeting your friends parents is just like when your boyfriend meets your parents. It means the relationship is serious and lifelong. Sundays are most likely spent watching movies with your friend’s dad and or getting a packed lunch from your friend’s mom. You are now a part of their family, you know siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles. They pick on you for getting tattoos, dating weirdos and moving far away. But those are just the signs of having a true bond with both your friends and their families.

7. We tell each other everything, even the insignificant stuff 


Your friends know your shoe size, your strange food preferences, and your crushes from like 10 years ago. They know your work schedule, your cell phone number, and your old AIM screen name. All this stuff might seem insignificant and it is, but it’s proof that these girls are in it for the long hall. If they are willing to remember the insignificant stuff they sure as hell are going to remember the significant stuff.


Erin Jean is a Boston based smart mouth who lives in suburbia with her kick-ass husband, yes you read that correctly, I'm a married woman, people! She graduated from Endicott College in 2010 with a degree in Contemporary Journalism. She loves tattoos, writing, and slush (it’s an addiction people). When she is not working for the man, she is riding on the back of motorcycles, online shopping, and reminiscing about her younger years. A typical week consists of watching too much Bad Girls Club, mentally preparing for a zombie apocalypse, and trying to get a body like Mila Kunis (please insert laughter here). Feel free to stalk her life via pictures @mrsbadnews13 or on twitter @erinlissa

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