Being a 20-something during summer doesn’t always work out how we imagined. I don’t know about you, but I envisioned spontaneous road trips with my friends, late nights, days by the pool and traveling the world. However, the grueling reality of being a student meant my bank account had other ideas. It’s easy to find yourself down in the dumps once the summer boredom takes over. Here are 7 super easy ways to turn that frown upside down!



1. Make Your Bed


As silly as this sounds, give it a try! Making your bed is a simple technique that automatically gives you a sense of accomplishment and organisation, therefore making you feel like you are on top of things and ultimately setting you up for any challenges the day may throw at you.

2. Go outside


It’s a scientific fact that our bodies need Vitamin D in order to function properly, not to mention the sun is the ultimate mood-booster! Going for a walk – long or short – is guaranteed to make you feel a little better. Head down to the nearest park with your favourite book or meet up with friends. Sitting cooped up inside never did anyone any good!

3. Make a list


Feeling organised is a way to make you feel as though you are in control of your life – which can never be a bad thing. By making a simple to-do list you are able to clearly summarise your tasks so that you can quickly work on them or so they don’t slip your mind.

4. Work out


Exercising has been scientifically proven to release endorphins that naturally improve moods. By doing a quick workout in your room or going for a jog in the local park, you’re bound to feel great about yourself. And that’s not to mention the endless benefits working out does for your body!

5. Wake up earlier


Sleeping in may be a treat every now and again, but doing this too often will result in feeling slouchy and lazy. No one likes the idea of wasting an entire day because they couldn’t drag their ass out of bed. Setting your alarm even half an hour earlier than usual will result in you feeling more productive, even if you don’t get anything done. Besides, sunrises can make for an awesome Instagram snap.

6. Blast your favorite playlist


No matter what age you are, you’re never too old to sing in front of the mirror with a hairbrush. Music makes everyone feel fantastic, especially when it’s your favorite tunes. Plug your speakers in, push the furniture back and get ready to throw some shapes! I recommend Instagram blogger Caroline Calloway’s Spotify playlist, Best Friend Moments.

7. Do one productive thing – no matter how small


Got an essay due by the end of the week niggling away in the back of your mind? Just start it. By doing even just one paragraph you’ll feel tons better about your workload – at least it’s a start. Is your room so messy you can’t see the floor? I know mine is. Even by clearing a few things off your desk or putting things neatly away you’ll feel better off. Like they say: clear space, clear mind.

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