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As my time in the #TabletCrew winds down, I’m starting to reflect on the awesomeness of my pretty little Acer Tablet. At first, I was skeptical, as I am and forever will be an Apple-enthusiast, but after using it the past couple of months, I have really grown to like it! Not only does it do more than my iPad, but it has actually been useful in my every day life. And I am super thankful for it, as it has saved me a couple of times when I was desperately in need of the Internet not on my phone. Here are 7 times my Intel Tablet has saved the day:

1. When on a machine at the gym.

Whenever I have free time, I want to blog, tweet, pin, respond to emails, etc… but I know that I should be exercising too. Sometimes I’m able to break it up — as in I’ll be able to workout and also do blog-work. But most of the time, I’m pressed for time and often have to choose. Of course I want to look as fab as poss at all times (did that abbreve work? just wondering), but I can’t just ignore my blog for a day. With my Intel tablet, I can bring it with me to the gym and monitor my email, tweets, stats, etc. And when I slow down to walk, I can tweet out some articles. Way to multitask, self. WAY.

2. When not at my desk at work.

Do you ever get stuck in a situation at work where you’re not near a desktop computer and you can’t just bring a laptop with you… and your phone doesn’t do what you need it to do (and even if it could, you don’t want to drain it’s battery)? Well, I do. Quite often actually. Whether I’m out in the field on a video shoot… or I’m sitting in on a video shoot (which for some people, is the equivalent to being stuck in a multiple hour long meeting where you’re not doing anything half the time). I sometimes panic because OMG, I can’t get on the Internet. And if I use my phone, panic also hits because OMG, my phone is going to shut off. With my tablet, though, I can pretend I’m taking notes (and maybe actually take some notes) and periodically tweet articles from my blog. #Success.

3. When taking the T (to those not from Boston — that is the subway).

If you know me, you know that public transportation is not my top choice for way of commuting (I soo belong in LA… right?!). But sometimes I have to take it. Like when it’s mid-day, I’m by myself, and have to go downtown and it would just be – I’ll say it – embarrassing to show up in a cab and then pay, like, 25 dollars for it when I have no money (and I mean no money). When I am forced to take it, I often refresh my phone’s FB newsfeed on repeat to avoid eye contact with others until I go underground and then have no service… which is when I will resort to a game (ugh… games) unless, of course, my phone has died from extreme use of battery. Well, TG for my Intel Tablet because now I can take public trans while blogging, tweeting, FB-ing, etc and then have actual things to do when underground, like play with MS word or the makeshift Paint apps. And, of course, all the while looking way busier and way more unapproachable than if I was just using my phone.

4. When already in bed.

I can be the most energetic person ever during the day and then at night – sans red bull and vodka – be the laziest. My computer hates to work and dies in approx five minutes if it is not plugged into the charger. Soooo what am I to do when it’s late at night, I’m in bed, and I don’t feel like getting up and plugging in my computer? You might say ‘go to bed,’ and that is a good suggestion, but when you blog there’s no such thing as ‘sleep.’ I can’t go to bed without checking my Twitter feed! I can’t go to bed without tweeting the days’ articles! I can’t go to bed without pressing ‘home’ on Facebook at least twenty times. So thanks to Intel, I use my tablet. I used to sleep next to my computer. Now I sleep next to my tablet. Okay — that’s a lie. I sleep next to both. But whatever. It’s still more comfortable to hold a tablet in bed — or use a tablet when you’re half awake. So it works.

5. When traveling.

Last week, I showed you guys everything my tablet did while on vacation in LA. Clearly the tablet saved my blog and my social-media-obsessed sanity during my five day break from the real world… because let’s be serious — there’s no such thing as a break from the real world anymore.

6. When in the car.

You know you have a problem when whenever you’re driving you have major anxiety attacks if you get a notification and cannot check your phone. And unfortunately, a tablet is not going to solve that. Butttttttt, a tablet can solve the problem of being completely Amish in the car — when you’re not driving of course. Whenever I’m a a passenger in a car and am in the middle of trying to promote a blog post or have to send out a couple of emails, I keep my tablet with me and use my phone’s hot spot to get me on the Internet. If you don’t have a hot spot I can’t help you there. But, like, maybe you should get one.

7. When cooking in my kitchen.

Do you know how annoying it is to bring a giant laptop into a miniature kitchen to read a recipe? It takes up way too much space on a counter that I do not have! And I mean that. I have seriously limited counter space. My computer also dies as I’ve said above when not plugged on, so it probably wouldn’t last through me making an entire meal. I could probably just read a cook book or something but, like, who does that anymore? Instead, I resort to my tablet which actually comes with recipes in the form of various apps. Windows 8 lacks many good apps, but what it does not lack is apps with really good recipes. Oh, and it fits on my counter without taking up too much space. #Winning.

As you can see, the tablet can be a real life saver to those who are completely reliant on social media and the Internet (AKA millennials everywhere). We live it. We breathe it. We need it at all times. And that is what brings me to my latest and greatest hashtag: #TGFT. And if you didn’t get that — it means Thank God For Tablets. #LOL.

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