Graduations. In real life they are full of loved ones, tears and celebrations. However in television, graduations are often filled with drama, demons and death. Let’s take a look at how our favorite characters said goodbye to their former schools and headed into adulthood with the seven best graduations on television.

1: Gossip Girl.


No show did graduation like Gossip Girl did. From Serena wearing her tassel in hair, to the fact that everyone forgot to silence their cell phones and let’s not forget Gossip Girl’s special diplomas to the class. However the biggest moment was clearly that this episode let us know that Dan was Gossip Girl by simply giving him a diploma.

2: Vampire Diaries.


Confession, the questions on every graduates mind is “who will take the cure?” Am I right? Or maybe that was just the case in Mystic Falls. Throw in dead people coming back, a love triangle resolved and some character deaths sticking and you’ve got a Mystic Falls graduation.

3: Veronica Mars.


Nothing kills the celebratory vibe like your best friend getting falsely arrested for murder. Toss in the reunion of Logan and Veronica along with the bus killer reveal and you’re graduating from Neptune high.

4: Gilmore Girls.


Rory graduated and made the Valedictorian speech all about her mom. In real life, awkward, on television still kind of awkward. But when your mom and best friend is Lorelai, we’re not complaining.



Watching the seniors walk down the halls in their gowns was a hard scene to take in. Especially when you realized thought it was the last time you’d see them at McKinley High (SPOILER ALERT: They’d be back). Pair it up with them getting their diplomas while “Glory Days” plays and you’ve got a musical graduation that only Ryan Murphy could dream up.

6: Buffy The Vampire Slayer.



Everyone says to go out with a bang when you graduate, well Buffy did just that. Where else but Sunnydale is the mayor a demon, students fight vampires on graduation day and you blow up the school to stop said demon mayor?

7: The O.C.


The O.C gave us one of the closest to real life graduation ceremonies. Chock full of emotional speeches, beautiful weather, parents tearing up in the audience and leis, oh so many leis.

Did your favorite make the list? Did I miss any Grads? Sound off in the comments below!



Peter Gonzalez is 21 years young and is a firm believer that the successful adult is the kid that never fully grew up. He lives on the Central Coast where the only complaint is that he doesn’t get to hit up the beach as often as he’d like. Peter is currently working on getting from his Liberal Arts degree to his Journalism degree so that he can fulfil his dream of becoming the next Ryan Seacrest/Oprah Winfrey media icon. Until then he is balancing academics while working as Barista, which gives him the opportunity to interact with a variety of people and misspelling a great many names along the way. Peter is fascinated with movies from the 1940’s to the present day, with his top 2 being All about Eve and Rear Window. He also fills up his free time with writing, creating soundtracks, taking photos of everything, Taylor Swift, binge watching and learning to cook like the FoodNetwork, but like everything it’s all a work in progress. You can follow Peter and his thoughts on Twitter @itsmepeterg or on Tumblr at

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  1. Samantha Stauf Reply

    Was definitely thinking Buffy when I saw the title. So glad you included it. Can’t beat killing a giant lizard by blowing up your school.

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