Earlier this month we introduced you to Hpnotiq’s all new beverage – Sparkle! Now, we are so excited to let you know about the awesome sweepstakes they’re running.

Hpnotiq Sparkle is giving one lucky winner $5,000 to help them sparkle all year long, and that person could be you! To enter, head to #INeedSparkle’s official website.

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Even if you don’t win the money, you can still sparkle this year! Here are some suggestions on how to throw the *perfect* sparkle party with your new BFF, Hpnotiq Sparkle!

1. Find a time that works for all of your besties to get together! As you get older, it becomes harder and harder to find time to get everyone together. People are busy with work, significant others, families, travel, other friends, etc. Start planning your party as soon as you decide you want to have one. Start a group text or email chain and make a date! Then have everyone put the event on their calendars so they have NO excuse to bail as the party date gets closer.


2. Get decorations in order to set the mood! Since you’re an adult now throwing an adult party, you probably don’t want to head to the nearest party store and stock on overpriced balloons, signs, and lights. That would be SO college. And since you’re having a sophisticated ladies night with your ADULT friends, try some DIY! I just so happen to be a big fan of gold. I also happen to be a big fan or sparkles, especially during the holidays. Brit & Co has some awesome DIY projects to glam up your home. Check out the decor you could be showing off ladies!


3. Make sure you have the necessary goods. Serving plates, dip bowls, CHAMPAGNE GLASSES. Make sure you have it all. Especially – mostly – the champagne glasses. You can’t drink bubbly from a red solo cup. You’re an adult. Check out these DIY gold sparkly champagne glasses to make your glasses shine!


4. Let everyone know what to wear. It’s ladies night and you’re going to indulging in a sparkly beverage surrounded by glam decor — Make sure your guests dress appropriately. Cute, sparkly dresses? CHECK.


5. Apps on apps on apps. Think: tapas. Also think… like an adult. Roasted brussels sprouts, butternut squash, spinach dip, bread and oil. All great, *classy* apps for a *classy* crowd. And then to add some sparkle, check out these Sparkling Cranberries from Southern Living! Healthy and pretty. NOM.


6. Dessert. Glitter galore! Check out these glitter cake pops I found on Pinterest. SPARKLE GALORE. How perfect would these be for a holiday girl’s party? PERFECT, GUYS. PERFECT.


7. Da Booze!!!! More specifically — Hpnotiq Sparkle. Hpnotiq Sparkle is a drink to share with your best friends in celebration of… anything! Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, the new year, a job promotion, or even just the fact you and all your friends actually found some time to get together (because we all know how hard that is), Hpnotiq Sparkle wants to help.


There is a limited supply of Hpnotiq Sparkle and it is only available from October- December. However, if you can’t get your hands on the special cocktail this year – just mix together regular Hpnotiq and Champagne for a fab alternative. Let’s get this party started!

This post was sponsored by Heaven Hill Distilleries: Heaven Hill Family of Brands. Bardstown, KY © 2014


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