Instead of starting off stating what yoga can do for your mind and body, why not flip the question for the simpler answer: What can’t yoga do for your mind and body? As for your simpler answer, there isn’t one because for you, yoga can do everything. Different practices help increase your flexibility, brighten your mood, better your sleep habits, improve your sex life, tone your body, expand your mind, calm your nerves—I could go on and on, but won’t because like my mother told me, over and over again, stop once the point is reach and trek no further.

Furthermore, to heap all the benefits of yoga into a simple idea: yoga gives your life balance. In a world where each day seems to come out of nowhere, yoga restores a balance of peace and productivity in our minds. With breathing exercises, postures, and poses that calm your mind and dispel any blockage of energy, yoga gives us the power to think past our daily stress, and reach our full potential as idea-makers, risk-takers, lovers, leapers, muses, and motivated mavericks with only opportunity ahead.

Below each section you’ll find a video link to a particular yoga practice geared to help you power your way through your work week and weekend. Featured in the videos is our instructor, the delightfully Irish, Ester Ekhart. Ester will take you through each of the seven practices designed to invigorate your body, liven your spirit, and muscle your mind to its full potential.

Monday — Rise and Sun Salutation
Come Monday, we all need something to shake that post weekend funk. It’s a lot easier to ease into a work week, than to fling yourself into the thick of it, guns a blazin’. Practicing a Sun Salutation in the morning before work can help shed that extra layer of lethargy left over from the weekend. A very basic form of flow yoga, the practice of Sun Salutation builds up energy and wakes up your mind and body. Before you muster up the moxie to make that morning commute, take a couple minutes for a Sun Salutation practice.

Sun Salutaion , with Ester Ekhart

Tuesday — Weekday Warrior
On Tuesday you no longer have Monday as an excuse for your lack of gusto at life. Monday gets all the credit, but actually Tuesday is the real black horse of bad days here. Tuesday is utterly untouched by weekend anticipation, something which often umphs our work ethic up a notch. Tuesday is trying to hold us back, so let’s kick it in the butt for being such a drag! Practicing the Warrior Series in yoga strengthens your body, and builds the stamina necessary to tackle the rest of your week. The practice stretches your muscles, and opens up your body, particularly your core and ribs. It literally makes it easier for you to breathe. More oxygen for the brain means more focus for us fight back in our war with Tuesday.

Yoga, Dancing Warrior Sequence

Wednesday – Yoga for the Back, Hump Day, Indeed
The first half of the week is behind you, but it’s really doing a number on your back. With all the mental and physical stress you might’ve had over the past few days, you need something to smooth over those weekday kinks. Certain yoga stretches and practices center specifically on benefiting your back and shoulders, the body’s lodestones for stress. Exercises as simple as bending forward, are beneficial. They relieve tension in our shoulders and backs, lowering our stress levels, making Wednesday an easy hump to ride over.

Upper Back and Shoulder Opener, Yoga

Thursday – Full Body Stretch Down the Homestretch
Thursday is the deep breath before the weekend, the calm before the storm that is Friday rush hour. Odds are you’ve been through a lot this week. Whether it was a meeting that seemed unending, or burning your first attempt of a home cooked meal, your week is weighing on you. You’re getting a bit stiff and should stretch before the rapid change of pace that is Friday. Yoga adds a little grease to those rusty hinges in your mind and body, and full body stretches can create positive feelings that will help you gear up for whatever is to come.

Yoga Full Body Stretch

Friday – A Hip, New, Hip Opening
Anything can happen on Friday, so you’d better get flexible. It’s probably the most unpredictable day of the week. From your intrepid morning commute, to an impromptu after work Happy Hour, it’s a free for all on Friday! If you want the agility to enjoy every experience of your Friday, you should practice a yoga exercise that enables you to do just that. Hip Opening exercises are a great way to increase flexibility, build energy to burn, and loosen any tension built up over the week that could hinder your enjoyment of the weekend.

3 Yoga Poses to Open your Hips

Saturday – Go Nowhere but Now and Meditate
Relax… it’s Saturday, and if you played your cards right you have nowhere to be today, except “in the now.” The good thing about Saturday is that it’s never frowned up to devote a great deal of time to nothing. It’s nice to stop and slow everything down once in a while. So why not meditate in place of your yoga for the day. You don’t even have to move, which is ideal for a Saturday morning. There are certain meditation practices that strive to keep your mind and body in the moment. Bringing yourself “in the now” relieves stress, relaxes the body, and makes for an utterly comforting Saturday. It will leave you feeling as refreshed as if you had just practiced your yoga.

The link below is another video on the “Ekhart Yoga” Youtube channel. However, this time the instructor is not our lovely Ester, but Esther, Esther Teule that is, an “Ekhart Yoga” instructor that masters in meditation.

Being in the Now, a Meditation with Esther Teule

Sunday – Wind Down Your Week for the Evening
On any given Sunday there’s no greater calling then that of your own bed. You’ve been switched on since Monday, and it’s time to recharge for the new week tomorrow. Where better to power off than in the comfort of your own down comforter. Practicing yoga before bedtime, especially in your bed, is a great way to wind down into the solace of a healthy sleep. After trudging through an entire week, the mind is bound to be buzzing in eight, nine, a million different directions. The body, too, feels on edge, having been in motion all week it’s a little taken aback to being at ease. Evening yoga helps the mind and body slow down and accept relaxation. After all, we made it through an entire week to reach this moment, we ought to sit back, relax and savor it.

Bed Time Yoga with Esther Ekhart


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