This week I’ve really been thinking about the way we present and perceive ourselves–which, as we all know, is more complex than ever in a platform-centric world. It’s hard enough to be social and career-driven, and yet have enough energy to foster engaging relationships and practice some self-care all at the same time. But add in the factor that our private lives are accessible to people in each of our different circles, it is important to strive to be our authentic selves. Bottom line is, it’s a lot harder to pretend to be someone you’re not nowadays, and doing so doesn’t make us feel too great about ourselves anyways.

I’ve collected some articles which I felt embodied this idea of building your personal brand–from changing the way females approach other females, as discussed in the Girlboss piece, and keeping in mind how you make others feel with your social media posts.

I urge you to check out these articles and think about your mission. Whether you’re setting goals, picking out your outfit, writing your resume, or supporting (or not supporting) an organization, ask yourself, “Does this align with who I want to be?” And remember, you’re free to redefine this as often as you’d like–just try your best to be consistent in all areas of your life. After all, perception is reality, and how you see yourself is just as important as how others see you.


1. How I Stopped Being That “I Don’t Like Other Girls” Girl on Girlboss


2. The Rules of Engagement on Coveteur


3. How to Make Your Most Boring Jobs Sound More Interesting on Your Resume on The Muse


4. The GOP Health Care Bill Would Require New Moms on Medicaid to Find Work 60 Days after Childbirth on Fortune


5. How I Bought My Own NYC Apartment On A $50,000 Salary When I Was 25 on Refinery29


6. 30 Things You Should Know Before You Hit 30 on Career Girl Daily


7. How To Find Your Niche and Get Paid For It on Camille Styles


8. Make Some Time in Your Workday for a Communication Break on New York Magazine’s Science of Us


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