I’m a firm believer that being in control depends on how you handle two aspects of your life: your health and your fear. Between Easter, Patriot’s Day, and 4/20, it’s safe to say we could have been prepared for a hectic, if not disorienting, week.

But it seems April wasn’t satisfied with just showers–the political atmosphere is globally down pouring: French election stakes are high after the Paris shooting, Venezuelan President has become a dictator, and America’s favorite liberal city has gone totally rogue. But don’t freak out. There’s sunshine peaking through those clouds and I’m back to inject some positivity into your very long week.

As Sofia Vergara said, “You can never be intimidated by people with bad energies.” So instead of succumbing to the negativity, focus on what are you feeding yourself–mentally and physically. How is this translating into your day to day productivity and conversations? As you’ll learn from the articles this week, change is everywhere, and the only thing we have control over is how we react. After all, we can only prepare so much–and when you can’t there’s two buck chuck and the new Girlboss series on Netflix!


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