Happy Sunday! Before you head back to work tomorrow, sit back and relax with our favorite reads from last week.

This weeks best articles for twenty-somethings are not just click-bait–the stories will surprise and motivate you, make you laugh and maybe even cry (tears of joy that you did not just get scammed $20,000 to attend a non-existent music festival). Whether this will turn out to be just another lesson in the realm of non-transparent influencer marketing or some sort of sick social experiment–lesson learned: we can’t trust everyone we follow on the internet.

On a totally different note, let’s pat our female activist friends on the back, because despite masochistic attempts to make us look like hot-messes at the bar, we clearly still have the better rally game. Girls are taking on the capital faster than you can say Rohypnol, so, thanks but no thanks DT: we’re not DTF. Lastly, check out some advice from serial savers and daters alike as we power through the end of Spring!


1. The 8 best pieces of saving advice from real people who banked a fortune on Business Insider


2. How to Break Up With Someone You’ve Never Actually Dated on MyDomaine


3. The Cult of Year-Round Iced Coffee Drinkers: an Exposé on Man Repeller


4. Amazon’s $200 Echo Look will judge your outfits on CNN


5. 11,000 Women Are Running For Office And We Have Donald Trump To Thank on Girlboss


6. Men Spike Women’s Drinks More Often Than You Think on Broadly


7. I Live In A Van. Here’s Why I Think It’s The Ultimate Life Hack on mindbodygreen


8. Rich millennials paid thousands for Ja Rule’s Fyre Fest and are now stranded on an island in disaster-relief tents on VICE News


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