I hope everyone had a productive and fulfilling week! Today I’m here to ask you to think about checking in. For some, this might mean paying attention to what is happening in the world around you, and for others it might be thinking about how present you are in your relationships. I’ve also included a couple financial reality checks–which are probably not the first that caught your attention, but are definitely worth the read!

And to bring it full circle, I urge you to check out the last two articles about self-love. As Lauren Handel Zander writes in the mindbodygreen article, “Mastery over your mind comes from the learned ability to choose what is best for yourself to think and feel. To not bullshit yourself, but to align your mind with your desires.”

So nourish your body, think positive thoughts, give both strangers and friends your full attention and do something that makes you feel accomplished this weekend. And I’ll check in with you next Friday!


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