There are so many reasons I love Summer. Random trips to the beach with friends, long hikes and exploring, going to nurseries and buying flowers to put everywhere and anywhere, and I can’t forget the warm weather!

There is one other thing that excites me more than it probably should about this glorious season – and that my friends is Summer fashion!

Florals, bright colors, versatile sandals, kimonos — the list goes on an on. There are so many ways to have fun with your typical wardrobe during the summertime, mainly because you don’t have to worry about being cold and bundling up!  and fresh looks! However, I know how much of a pain it is to spend money during the summertime, especially when there are so many different events and parties to attend that may require a buck or two. Instead of using your precious bills on overpriced clothes and accessories, I encourage you to do what I do and get your creative juices flowing!

Spice up your summer trends by taking on some of these DIY looks. Heck, grab your girls or family members and have them join you by revamping your summer wardrobe. Get creative, get messy, and make some of your own unique summer accessories with some of my favorite fashionista oriented projects!


1. Tie-Dye Denim Shorts


Take jean shorts to the next level by dyeing them your favorite color!

Grab a pair of denim shorts, dye in the desired color, a few rubber bands and a pair of rubber gloves. Then, just like you would tie-dye a shirt, tie the shorts with the rubber bands however you want and dunk them into the die mixture for as long as the package advises. When you take them out, you’ll have bright and unique shorts to wear all summer long!


2. Lace Shorts

lace shorts diy urban outfitters inspired

Lace shorts are a huge trend right now, which means they can be super expensive to buy in a store. Luckily, you can make a pair yourself!

All you need is an old pair of white shorts, a roll of lace and a sewing kit. Cover the shorts with the lace, pinning the lace in place as you go to make sure you cover the entire area. Once they look good to go, sew everything down and you have a new pair of lace shorts! You can also get creative with different colored shorts or rolls of lace.


3. Fancy Flip-Flops

Scott and Anna's Wedding 2011
Scott and Anna’s Wedding 2011

Say goodbye to boring old flip-flops! There are a lot of unique ways you can make your flip-flops stand out from the crowd this summer. Dig in the back of your closet for all of your old, plain flip-flops and try out some new ideas on them.

For example, you can use fabric to cover the plastic part of the flip-flop to make them a lot comfier for those long summer days. Or, you could use hot glue and sequins to add sparkle and shine!


4. Handmade Jewelry


Do you love jewelry? If you do, try making your own this summer! There are so many ways that you can make your own jewelry, from beading to fused glass to stone setting. No matter what kind of jewelry you love, you can make it yourself.
For extra summer fun, try making braided nautical bracelets for you and your friends. You’ll need scissors, rattail cord, lobster clamps, jump rings, pliers, a ruler and charms of your choice. This bracelet is a great one for beginners because it introduces you to the tools and tricks of jewelry making, but it isn’t too complicated.


5. Floral Sunglasses

These floral sunglasses aren’t just for music festivals. You can rock them all summer long!
You’ll need a pair of plain sunglasses, polymer clay in your favorite colors, aluminum foil, goop glue and an oven. First, make small flowers using the polymer clay and bake them on aluminum foil to harden them. Then, glue the flowers onto the sunglasses in whatever design you love! Get ready for the compliments on these sunglasses every time you go outside!


6. Lace T-Shirt


Fancy up a plain t-shirt by adding a strip of lace vertically down the middle of the shirt or vertically under both sleeves! All you need is a plain t-shirt, a roll of lace and a sewing machine. Simply pin the lace in whatever place you want it on the t-shirt and sew it on.

This makes a regular t-shirt a super cute fashion statement in no time! Perfect for an outdoor stroll or an ice cream date this summer.


7. Floral Sun Hat

 diy sunhat

Tired of wearing your plain sunhat to the beach? Fancy up that hat with flowers!

You’ll need a sunhat, some beautiful faux flowers and a glue gun. Arrange the flowers on the hat to create a style you love, then hot glue them on! Allow the glue to dry completely and make sure the flowers are glued down well enough to withstand those summer breezes. Then, head out to the beach with your new sunhat!


8. Mermaid Hair Comb

mermaid comb

Perfect for weddings or just a regular day, a DIY mermaid hair comb will scream summer and make any outfit a little fancier.

Grab a regular hair comb, some hot glue and any accessories you’d like. You can use shells, pearls, beads, flowers or anything else that inspires you to get creative. The rest is up to you! Place the accessories on the hair comb however you’d like, using hot glue to hold everything in place. Once it is dry, it’s ready to be worn with any hair-do!
Turn heads this summer with these unique DIY fashion statements! Just be prepared to make them for your friends and family when they ask where you got them!


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