Your twenties are an exhilarating time. Everything is changing. You’re graduating from college, moving out of your parents’ house, looking for a full-time job. Naturally, you’re not sure what the right choices are. That can be scary, but it’s something every twenty-something goes through. And it’s exciting. You have so many opportunities and choices to pick from. Here are 8 uncertainties you’re guaranteed to face—and the questions you’ll ask—as a 20-something.

1. Is it the right time to move out? 

Chances are you’ve been living with your parents for your entire life, unless you spent some time living in university housing in college. While living with them is great and all, you probably want your own space. If you have a serious significant other, wanting to move in and start a life together is natural. If you’re single and hitting the Tinder circuit, you probably aren’t going to get very far bringing dates back to your childhood bedroom. You might not know where to start but there are helpful guides you can go by to get you started.


2. Should I rent or buy a place? 

If you’ve decided to move out, the next question is usually whether to rent or buy. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration here. Money is always one, of course. Bankrate provides a rent vs. buy calculator to help you decide which is a better path to take. You also have to think about whether you have a lot of job prospects in the area and if you plan on staying there for a long time. You’ll have to consider size as well. You probably have a lot of stuff from your parents’ house or dorm that you’re not quite ready to get rid of yet, but also don’t want cluttering up your new place. You’re transitioning into adulthood and you probably don’t want your old stuffed animals where everyone can see them, but they’re hard to let go of. Getting a place with a garage is a perfect solution to this. The possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to a garage. It’s a place for storage, a home for your car, a place to practice with your band or even a place to make into a little apartment to rent out for some extra cash.


3. What should I spend money on?

Your teens were all about hanging out with friends, going to the mall and the movies, and probably buying a ton of stuff you don’t need. In your twenties, it’s time to start budgeting. Sure, a meal or a drink with friends every so often doesn’t hurt, but you need to think about a down payment for a house, rent and other bills. If you want to start a family in the future, now is the time to start a wedding or baby fund and to start saving for retirement as well. Think really hard about what you want for the future before you buy the latest and greatest TV or video game system.


4. Who do I want to hang out with?

The friendship exodus of your twenties is something that inevitably happens. You grow apart from old friends from high school as you branch off in different directions. The same thing happens with your college pals. Sure, you might have a couple that you cling to, but it’s hard to keep friendships when so much change is happening. Now is the time to leave behind some of those party acquaintances and hang out with people that have the same goals as you. Maybe it’s your cool coworker or the chick that just moved in across the hall from you. Find people with the same mindset and spend time with those that are going to enrich your life and help move you forward—not hold you back.


5. How do I choose a job? 

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right job. Money, where to live, what makes you happy…it’s endless. It comes down, though, to choosing what’s going to make you happiest. You have to make enough to keep you afloat and comfortable, but also choose a job that you don’t hate going to every day. Choose something that’s going to give you that.


6. Should I go to that party, concert, etc.?

You really have to pick and choose where to go now. Money is an issue of course, but you have to worry more about being responsible. You can’t just drop everything and call off work tomorrow because you just found out your favorite band is going to be in town tonight. However, every now and then we all need time with our friends. We all need a night out to enjoy ourselves in a responsible, yet exciting and fun manner. Your twenties should be a time to find that balance—to decide whether or not you should go to your favorite bar and spend the limited money you have, or enjoy a night in for a change. Balance is key.


7. Should I worry about my health? 

In a word, yes. Your awesome metabolism is going to slow down. It’s sad, but it happens. Start working out and eating healthier. 20 pizza rolls and a beer shouldn’t be what’s for dinner.


8. Should I be enjoying this? 

Absolutely. Your twenties are one of the best times in your life. Embrace all of the changes and enjoy the ride!



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