If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve heard of Netflix’s new show, Girlboss. The show is loosely based on on Sophia Amorosa, founder of the vintage clothing company Nasty Gal, which you may know recently filed for bankruptcy. But the show isn’t about that. It’s about Sophia’s journey from the beginning, meaning you get to watch a lost 20-something woman make a living from her passion and become her own boss.

Whether you’ve heard of Nasty Gal or care about fashion, this show is a must watch. As soon as I started watching, I was hooked. Of course I finished the whole season in two days while watching on work breaks and down time at home. (Thank you Netflix for making everything convenient.) Every episode gives you a reason to both hate and love the main character, and each will have you laughing at her craziness and jamming out to early 2000’s hip-hop.

Here’s why you need to check out Girlboss.


1. All of the music in the show is a throwback and will have you re-living the early 2000s.

The soundtrack for this show is pretty eclectic. It ranges from awesome groups and artists like Le Tigre, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Otis Redding, Nelly, and Fat Joe.


2. The fashion, duh.

You will discover a love for pairing rompers/bodysuits with platform boots and sandals. Sophia’s outfits throughout this entire show are literally everything. The outfits she creates are sexy and fun, and even though the show is set in the early 2000s, I want to wear everything she was wearing now.


3. It will remind you how important friendship is.

Sophia’s and Annie’s friendship made me want to call up my best friend and tell her I love her. Girlboss will show you the ups and downs of friendship and what it means to really be a good friend. It also shows the complicated side of friendship, and will have you second-guessing starting that business with your BFF.


4. ALL of the struggles are relatable.

Sophia struggles with finding independence financially and in her everyday life. Her privileges are quite obvious, but she refuses to get financial help from her dad or anyone. However, she eventually makes it through the obstacles that stand in her way.


5. The early 2000s pop culture references are on point.

Britney’s head shaving struggle is a topic of conversation multiple times. And when Marissa Cooper dies on ‘The OC’ – It’s a literal


6. It will make you feel okay about not always getting what you want

Sometimes starting a business and being a supportive girlfriend is a juggling act. I cried tears of joy when she didn’t let Shane distract her from what she wanted. I also cried tears of sadness when Shane turned out to be a pile of poo.


7. It shows all different types of mom-child relationships, making it relatable for almost anyone.

Girlboss had me laughing my butt off at the relationship between Nathan and his mom. They were the ultimate “besties for the resties.” However, the show also gave another perspective on the not-so-happy side of mother and child relationships. Sophia and her mom didn’t have much of a relationship at all. As a result, you are able to learn more about Sophia.


8. “Don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang” -Kevin G and also Girlboss

I was so pissed when Sophia was kicked off Ebay, and I was yelling at my laptop defending her like she was my actual friend. Luckily she didn’t let that stop her and she decided to launch her own site, which got me wanting to get in on the resale business. P.S. everyone go make an Ebay business and we’ll buy from each other! Maybe? Okay.




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