The voice. The tears. The heartbreak. It can only mean one thing: Adele’s back!

The soulful British goddess is back and we CANNOT HANDLE IT. It’s been four years (four years too many!) since we’ve had the chance to indulge in an Adele album, and today she released her first single off her new album, “25”, which will drop on Nov. 23. We’ve all got “Hello” on repeat today, so here are 8 reasons we are so happy Adele is back in our lives!

1. The flip phone

ad 4
Anyone whose music video features a flip phone needs to be a permanent fixture in your life. She’s nostalgic and so is her phone. She’s too distraught to even want to get on Facebook and bring up old memories. Let’s just sing about them instead.

2. The hair
ad 5

Adele’s hair is always on point and this time is no exception. Usually we get serious ‘do-envy while watching her music videos (no one can do a pouf like Adele can) and this time she’s loosening things up, relaxing a little, focusing more on being a goddess and we LOVE it. Add in the Hollywood sunglasses and we’re done.

3. The makeup

Girlfriend is giving us serious contouring goals right now. It doesn’t hurt that she’s got unbelieveable cheekbones and she flaunts them flawlessly. With the dark eyebrows and lashes, she’s making me second-guess what I will accept as standard makeup when I leave for work every morning. I think I’ll just go home now, watch some YouTube tutorials and step up my game.

4. The tears

Who doesn’t love a good cry? And when Adele sings, your heart explodes. We’ve spent the past four years getting by with solid cry-worthy ballads from Ed Sheeran and the like, but it just hasn’t been enough. Finally, we can get unabashedly emotional again, and get nostalgic thinking about our own past failed relationships.

5. Car singing
gif 1

We all need Adele in our life because we all need a good belt-worthy song. “Hello” is that song. Spend today listening to it on repeat, get in the car on the way home, and belt that baby out.

6. Award show appearances
adele 1

We are so happy Adele is back because it’s time we had some award shows with the big, beautiful voice again. We’ve suffered through three years of Grammy’s without Great Britain’s goddess and that’s plenty, thank you. This new single has already set records, so can we please just skip to the Grammy’s and just give her one now please?

7. Body image
adele 3

She’s beautiful, she’s confident and she has no intention of ever being skinny. While most of us might still strive for that bikini bod, we could take a few pointers from her confidence. I’d settle for like 1/8 of her body image confidence. Adele always looks flawlessly beautiful and gives us a little hope that if we pull ourselves together for like two seconds maybe we, too, can start feeling good about ourselves!

8. Her wisdom


From time to time, we all need a little serving of Adele wisdom. For example, in an interview with Anderson Cooper, “I’ve never seen magazine covers and seen music videos and been like, “I need to look like that if I want to be a success.” Never, I don’t want to be some skinny mini with my t— out” (see above for more on this). And her ability to express exactly what you are feeling: “This love has dried up and stayed behind. And if I stay I’ll be alive, then choke on words I’d always hide. Excuse me, first love, but we’re through. I need to taste the kiss from someone new.”
– “First Love”. Basically, she just gets us and we can rest easy with her wisdom.

Stream it. Buy it. Play it all day long. And thank the music gods that Adele is back!


Gillian is a videographer by day and a writer by night. A native of Boston, MA, she is a loyal Red Sox fan, company member of DanceWorks Boston, and lover of baked goods. She does not eat ketchup.

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