When it comes to quitting jobs, we are often really hesitant. Most of us spend our lives connecting that action to failure, but is that really true? No. In some cases, sticking things out isn’t the best idea. It could lead to extreme unhappiness, and that totally sucks. No one wants to make themselves miserable, right? Here are some signs you might be ready to quit, to help put some oomph behind your inevitable “I’m leaving, bye” moment.

1. You find yourself rolling your eyes at all of your assignments.


2. You have a mental clock ticking down until your next paycheck. Rationalization: If I’m getting paid, it’s worth it.


3. Everyone in your workplace annoys you. Even the new hire who hasn’t even talked to you.


4. You laugh to yourself when your boss freaks out over getting something done, like, now.


5. You’ve lost all passion in what you do. Literally zero creative expression happens anymore.


6. You spend more time on your phone than you do actually working. Don’t blame it on Buzzfeed quizzes, leave your job.


7. You find any excuse to call out of work. Even if you’re lying.


8. In every conversation with your friends, you say “I hate my job” at least once.


If you agreed with one or more of these bullets, you are def  in “mental check out” mode and should start a job hunt stat. The first step to leaving is admitting to yourself that it’s time to. (Even if you once thought your job was the best thing ever).


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