Summertime is here and so are summer dates. Are you tired of the usual date night? Want to do something different and fun? Check out my list of 8 summer date ideas:


1. Go on a brewery tour

If you’re lucky to live in a state that has breweries, take advantage of it! Tours usually range anywhere from $1-12, and most include samples and/or a pint glass. It’s a fun way to see where you favorite beer is made, learn some interesting facts about the history and gives you chance to drop some knowledge to your friends afterwards.

2. Take a day trip to the beach or lake

My husband and I live two hours from the coast, which is not a bad drive to make for a day trip. Go to the beach, have lunch out on the patio, spend some time soaking up the rays, then drive home in time for dinner.

3. Go to a local farmer’s market

The farmer’s market is full of amazing fruits, veggies, and overall food finds. The state farmer’s market I visit (here in NC) has a woman whom my husband has fondly named the salsa lady and she makes the most amazing, fresh salsas. Take a chance and visit the farmer’s market. You’ll get to try amazing food (hello samples!) and support local businesses.

4. Go for a hike

Waterfalls, trails, amazing insta pics. What is more romantic and fun than that?

5. Look for local music festivals, art walks, and downtown activities

A lot of cities and downtown areas hold monthly (or weekly) art walks, music festivals, and other activities that are often free and open to the public. It is a chance to do something different and hang out outside.

6. “Try Something New” day

When my husband and I find we don’t want to go to our usual places on the weekend and have nothing to do, we do try something new. It could be a restaurant we’ve wanted to try. Perhaps going to the new movie theatre that serves chicken fingers and beer on tap. Or going to the old bowling alley that still does paper score sheets. And if you can’t think of anything new to try, go downtown, park the car and take turns picking shops, restaurants to venture into. The possibilities are there to have an amazing day of adventure.

7. Food trucks

Have you ever had food from a food truck? If not, you are truly missing out. Don’t let the slightly higher price tag scare you away, the food is handmade and quality. If you are fortunate enough to live in a town that does food truck rallies, than that makes the perfect date. Get different entrees and sides from multiple truck and have yourself a little picnic.

8. Rooftop Bar

Find a great local bar that has a rooftop and go sit outside and enjoy happy hour and a view.


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