1. A fashion show is NOT the place to bring North West 

And Anna Wintour is not impressed. Guess she won’t be getting another Vogue cover anytime soon.


2. North could take a cue from adorable Harper Beckham

But little Harper doesn’t know why Anna’s giving a resting b*tch face at her mom’s show, who is obviously more important than Kanye.

harper beckham nyfw 2015

3. Kendall Jenner Slayed the Runways

Kendall Jenner is quickly proving she’s not “just another Kardashian”. With her long stems and sleek dark hair, she’s rocked the runways during New York Fashion Week Fall 2015  and making a name for herself in the modeling world. She opened at Diane von Furstenberg, glammed it up at Oscar de la Renta, got chummy with Taylor’s BFF Karlie Kloss at Michael Kors–you know, the things an average 18-year-old does.

kendall jenner oscar de la renta nyfw 2015

4. The cold never bothered Olivia Palermo anyway 

With the frigid temps in NYC, OP layers in the chicest way possible. Just call her the Elsa of style.

olivia palermo nyfw 2015

5. You can be sorta-famous and still get an invite to a fashion show

Apparently K. Cav is still relevant after her Laguna/The Hills days.

kristin cavallari nyfw

6. Even if you have a famous family, you can still be a model

Kylie Jenner modeled at brother-in-law Kanye West’s Adidas Originals fashion show (yes, you read correctly–apparently Kanye has a fashion line and it’s so popular that it gets its own show, because he’s Kanye and he can do whatever the f*ck he wants). Maybe that’s why little Nori was crying…

kylie jenner nyfw 2015

7. ’70s chic reigns supreme

Pretty celebs rub shoulders with other pretty celebs, but let’s be honest–it’s about the upcoming fashion trends for the Fall/Winter 2015 season. Carrying on from last season is the fashion of the ’70s–from fringe on clothes and accessories to colorful bellbottoms–Fleetwood Mac album not included.

photo via Fashionista.com
photo via Fashionista.com

8. Throw some glitter, make it rain 

But, if ’70s chic is not really your thing and you’re more of a sequins kind of girl, shimmer and high-shine dresses and skirts can add major brownie points to a night-out outfit, especially when temps start to drop.

photo via Thezoereport.com
photo via Thezoereport.com

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  1. I bet Robert Kardashian’s grandfather and all the other Armenians are glad that they survived the Armenian genocide & made it to the USA just so 50% of the Armenian women could have children by non Armenian fathers, IYKWIM 😉
    but Kendall & Kylie are Jenners so what ever.

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