As a kid, I remember watching some of the coolest television game shows. I can recall being glued to the television as the shows were immensely entertaining. Here are a few television shows that need to be brought back.

Supermarket Sweep

Each week contestants would compete to win amazing cash prizes. Contestants would often answer a series of questions, and for each question answered correctly they’d be given a certain amount of seconds to go and find certain grocery items. Whichever team ended up with the most groceries in their cart won the games, and money!

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Shop ‘Til You Drop

Contestants had the opportunity to win awesome prizes including trips, home appliances, and a number of other spectacular prizes. Each team would answer product questions, if they were correct they’d accumulate points, and would then get to go shopping.

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Double Dare

Kids and families would participate in the show with hopes of winning outstanding cash and prizes.
They’d be given a number of trivia questions but sometimes they would have to endure some of the messiest challenges.

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The Newlywed Game

Each show featured a newlywed couple that had to answer a number of questions about their partner to show how well they knew or didn’t know their significant other.

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Cash Cab

People would get into a taxi cab having no idea that, they were about to participate in a game show while riding in a taxi. Contestants would answer a number of trivia questions, and for each question they answered correctly they’d win money. But, if they answered incorrectly the host/taxi driver would kick them out of his cab, and they would walk away with no money.

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Deal Or No Deal

At the beginning of the episode the contestant would choose one case that he or she wanted to keep. Next, the contestant would eliminate cases one by one and see how much money was in each case.
The show’s banker would make the contestant an offer after a certain amount of cases were opened. But, if the contestant denied then the game would keep going, and the contestant had a chance to win up to $500,000 or more.

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Minute To Win It

Contestants had a shot at winning up to 1 million dollars. All they had to do was complete several different challenges. If they were successful they’d move forward to the next phase in the competition, and earn money for each level completed.

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The Bozo Show

While The Bozo Show may not have been a game show, it still featured some of the coolest games. Each episode featured the Bozo bucket game where kids had the opportunity to win so incredible prizes toys, gift cards, and more just by tossing the balls into each Bozo bucket.

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When I was a kid, I appeared on The Bozo Show. I participated in a relay race, and lead the grand march, and it was AMAZING!

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