If you’ve ever been thrift-shopping, you’re know the mental awareness you need to have to be able to dig for hours. Like the stages of grief, you exhibit a similar emotional rollercoaster while shopping at your fave resale shop. One minute you’re happy when you find an item you absolutely love, only to be greeted by anger when it doesn’t fit. The ups and downs are endless, but these emotions are multiplied by 1000 when shopping at the Goodwill Outlet store.

Never heard of the Goodwill Outlet? Let me change that for you. The Goodwill Outlet is a warehouse full of bins and other people’s missed opportunities— from designer pieces to golden vintage finds. Things are priced per pound for clothing, and let me tell you, it doesn’t add up quick! I once went with a friend and bought a cart full of items for a mere $38…yep, insanely great.

This savings don’t come without some hassle, so I’ve prepared 8 major tips to prepare you for your next (or first) trip to the outlet!

1. Find an equally neurotic pal to drag along with you.


2. Put on a “don’t mess with me” face, better known as the “resting bitch face.”


3. Dig, dig, dig. Pack some latex gloves. Things can get real weird, fast.


4. Make sure if someone pushes, shoves, or touches you, you tell them to watch it.


5. If you find something you aren’t sure will fit, buy it anyway. For $0.50 that James Perse tee is worth the risk.


6. Have patience, the checkout line can be rough. You’ll run the risk of throwing a tantrum, and channeling your inner child.


7. Use the wait time to swoon over your finds with your friend. Dancing may occur.


8. Roll out of the store like you’re a total celeb.



Alivia has a love of traveling, snacking religiously on sweets, and hanging with her cat (aka #1 BFF) in her spare time.

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