1. I need new yoga clothes.
  2. Ugh.. has this outfit always been THIS tight?

  3. Fuck it, I’m at yoga!  It’s all about getting fit and relaxing and accepting yourself FOR WHO YOU ARE.
  4. Wow, that girl has a really nice back. How does someone even get a back that nice?
  5. She is such a yogi.
  6. I wish I could be a yogi.
  7. Not the lululemon wearing yogi but like the colorful headband, moon-phase tattoo, hair to your knees type of yogi.
  8. I could wear colorful headbands and grow my hair out! …and get a zen tattoo…

    yoga animated GIF
  9. Okay, maybe I’ll aim for lululemon type of yogi for now.  It’s like a stepping stone. A gateway into yogi-dom.
  10. I should go after class to get a new outfit.
  11. Shit but I don’t get paid until next week.  I’ll charge it. Duh.
  12. Oh!  Class is starting.
  13. Child’s pose.
  14. I am definitely getting better at this.  My chest is basically on the ground.
  15. I’m like the champion of yoga!  A gold medalist yogi.  The best there ever was.  Well, almost.
  16. What a great stretch.  I’m feeling really good about coming to yoga.
  17. Down dog.
  18. This is supposed to be a resting pose?
  19. FOR WHO?!
  20. Oh, probably for nice back girl…
  21. But I mean seriously, who’s ever seen a dog even do this?
  22. I definitely haven’t.

    yoga animated GIF
  23. If I took a survey of everyone in the room, I bet no one has ever seen a dog do this.
  24. Just looked and there’s 18 people in the room, and I bet none of them have seen a dog in this position.
  25. Oops.  Yoga instructor said to “relax your body and clear your mind.”  I think she was talking to me.
  26. Yoga
  27. Yoga
  28. Yoga
  29. Om
  30. Zen
  31. Clear my mind.
  32. Yoga
  33. Oh, breathing.  I forgot to breathe.

    scared animated GIF
  34. God, finally we’re standing.
  35. I was getting dizzy.
  36. Ow, nope.  My leg definitely can not face in that direction while my hips face this way.
  37. That’s literally impossible.
  38. Okay clearly it’s not impossible because nice back girl isn’t seeming to have a problem.
  39. Screw her and her stupid perfect back.
  40. Balance poses.
  41. Balance I can do.
  42. I did dance for like two years when I was younger.
  43. Why did I ever quit dance? I was like, a really good dancer.  I could have been famous.
  44. Mental note to self: ask mom why I stopped dance.
  45. Fuck.
  46. Balancing is hard.

    fail animated GIF
  47. No my leg can not go any higher, thank you for asking.
  49. Can we go back to child’s pose?
  50. Oh! Floor.
  51. Yay floor.
  52. The floor is so nice.
  53. The floor is so flat.
  54. The floor is so hard.
  55. Owwwwwww.  My tailbone.
  56. No one else’s tailbone seems to be hurting.
  57. Maybe I have a mini tail.
  58. OMG that would be the worst.
  59. Abs.
  60. Yay abs.  Hellooooo six pack!

    six pack animated GIF
  61. Stretching.
  62. Stretching is nice.
  63. Ow.
  64. Owwww.
  65. So tight much hurt.
  66. Haha.  I crack myself up.
  67. Oh, Shavasana, my favorite.
  68. Corpse pose?
  69. Why the fuck would anyone ever name a yoga pose corpse pose?
  70. How dismal. How depressing.
  71. Oh, this feels nice.
  72. Ahhh.
  73. Don’t fall asleep.
  74. TRY not to fall asleep.
  75. ……
  76. ……..

    sleeping animated GIF
  77. Shit I fell asleep.  AGAIN.
  78. OH! Wiggle my fingers, wiggle my toes.
  79. Ah well, next week I won’t fall asleep.
  80. And next week I’ll wear my brand new lulu lemon outfit.
  81. Next week is going to be like the best class ever.
  82. Namaste.

Elaina Donofrio is a Cambridge based twenty something which is incredibly different than being Boston based, thank you very much. She is a Boston College graduate with a major in Communication, a minor in Studio Art, and a self-proclaimed Doctorate in social media. Elaina has a mild chocolate addiction and regularly suffers from BSA (beach separation anxiety). When she's not enjoying her job at the North End based start-up Dailybreak, you can find her pretending she likes to run, re-reading the Harry Potter series, or plotting how to sneak a kitten into her apartment. You can follow her on twitter at @elaina_donofrio or check out her photography portfolio at www.pinterest.com/elainad/my-portfolio.

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