A new relationship can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a little awkward when the holidays come around. With gift-giving prevalent this season, you surely want to get a great gift for your sweetheart, but what says, “Hey, you’re great!” and not, “Take me to the church?”

That’s right. You don’t want something too serious or your new partner will be running for the door. But you do want a gift that will show your interest.

The key here is to not break the bank. Going with something overly expensive can make the other person feel uncomfortable, so stick around $30 to be safe.

Here are some great gift ideas $30 and under for girls and guys in a newbie relationship:

For the men:

Tickets to something he likes.

A date laser tagging can be a lot of fun in bringing out his adventurous and competitive side. Is he into artisan beers? Take him on a microbrewery tour to scout out some new brews. Does he like to eat? Find some factory tours for local food products.

Whatever you decide, keep it simple and keep it fun.


Bottle Opener 

A bottle opener is essential for some guys. If that fits your new guy, get him one that will set him apart from everyone else. There’s no need to be boring in your choice with this list of cool bottle openers from Cool Materials. Use the list as a way to get the juices flowing (that’s a pun).


Beef Jerky Kit

For the guy who likes to hunt and eat, a DIY Beef Jerky Kit is a great gift. With simple instructions to follow, in no time he’ll have freshly made jerky with the help of his new favorite gal.

Want to go the extra mile? Stock up on a pound of beef to go with it.

College Town Glasses

If you met at school, or he’s big into his alma mater, these cool College Town Glasses will be perfect. Choose from universities all over North America and get two pint-size glasses with a map of the school printed on each.

For an extra special touch, grab a couple drinks to pour in the new glasses for a toast to your first holiday together.

For the ladies:

Tickets to something she likes.

Yes. This is on the list for the ladies, as well. An experience is a great way to bond with someone, so put together a date for the two of you. Does she have a favorite band or is she into art or cooking? Try grabbing a pair of tickets to a concert, pottery or cooking class.

It’s a thoughtful gift, and one that will be great to look back on if you head down a more serious path.

Birthstone Jewelry

Alright, so jewelry can be a bit dicey in some scenarios, but the right piece of jewelry will have her thinking of you every time she puts it on. Steer clear of rings, as they can say too much, but a great pendant or bracelet with her birthstone? Great thinking.

Here are 3 jewelry trends you don’t want to miss if you need a little guidance on what to pick.


Warm Scarf

Keep her warm with your arms around her and a handmade knitted scarf. Not into the fine art of knitting or crocheting? Hit Etsy to find online shops with all kinds of knitted accessories and other handmade gifts. You’ll find a cozy scarf and a cute hat to match.


A Fine Dining Experience 

So you may not be the best cook, or maybe you don’t cook at all. However, you can still offer your girlfriend a special treat by taking her out to a unique restaurant you know she has always wanted to try. If she has not dropped enough hints, do some research and look for some fine dining, farm-to-table or place that offers dishes prepared with local foods. The holiday season is the perfect time to spend a little money at local businesses, and taking the time to look into these unique dining experiences is something that will definitely not go unnoticed!


Magazine Subscription 

The gift that keeps giving month after month, a magazine subscription is a great gift for new couples. Whether she’s into fashion, baking, or outdoor sports, there’s sure t0 be a magazine that she will love.

Nature lovers, for example, may enjoy a subscription to National Geographic, which usually runs at a reasonably low price. This may be a good way to hint at future travel together!

For fashion, organization, and living well, Real Simple is a great idea for them, again at a reasonably low price!


No doubt you’re excited and nervous to share the holidays with your new guy or girl. Make it special by giving a unique gift that doesn’t blow the bank but lets them know just how thoughtful you are and how special they are.


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