Some days are just more magical, no? For instance I happen to think that a perfect day is one spent lying in the sunshine, being around friends and of course stuffing my face. (Trumpet sounds) Which is probably why some time ago a genius decided to crown June 19th as National Ice Cream Day. Here are a few reasons why this particular holiday actually really, really rocks.

1. It’s an excuse to eat, or in my case, devour a mountain of sweet and delicious frozen cream. Aside from birthdays, it’s just not socially acceptable.


2. No matter how lazy you feel like being on Sunday, this may just be the event that pulls your tired ass out of bed.


3. Diet. Hell no. Today is National Ice Cream Day and cheating on your diet is one of the best feelings in the entire world.


4. Because this gorgeous piece of chocolate art exists on plant earth. I’ll just be right here, drooling…


5. And so does Buttered Popcorn masterpiece. 


6. Even if you are having a terrible week, this holiday will definitely lessen pain. 


7. Plus it conveniently lands on a Sunday, ending the week on high note.


8. Anyone can enjoy it and they fully should. That includes pets!


9. Because it is summer and nothing goes better with a hot afternoon than a stack of your favorite scoops.




Jordan is a Colorado native with a passion for anything colorful and eclectic. By day she is a PR and social media specialist in the Mile High City. Her biggest hobbies are spending way too much time cuddling her dogs and dreaming up new ways to decorate her home. You can follow her obsession with the Denver Broncos, reality TV and Justin Timberlake on Twitter at @jordanj4.

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