After a Shoshanna-less episode two last week, we see Shoshanna has returned to her new home, Japan, after Marnie’s wedding. While many would have suspected neurotic Shoshanna to flail in a foreign land, she’s actually crushing it. Meanwhile, Hannah and Fran fight about cell phone privacy in relationships. One thing was certain this week: Whether you live at home or abroad, relationships are just as complicated.


1. Sometimes you need space to shed your skin.

We open the episode getting a glimpse of Shoshanna’s prosperous life in Japan. She’s killing it at work with the style and cockiness of a successful young professional. She is living the quintessential ex-pat life: An uber-trendy apartment, learning a foreign language, power-clashing fashions. She really has her sh*t together.

shos japan

No one stays the same forever, but it can be difficult to shed an older version of yourself when you’re always around the same old people. By getting some space, Shoshanna, the youngest of the group can morph into whoever she wants to be. Starting out somewhere completely new and forcing yourself to stand up on your own two feet can be invigorating and allow your true self to shine through.


2. You know you shouldn’t flirt with your boss, but you’ll do it at least once…and probably not even realize that you’re doing it.

Bosses are a funny thing. Even when you try not to be overly charmed by the charisma or power that many bosses possess, it still somehow happens. Shoshanna’s relationship with her boss, Yoshi, is no exception. He’s young, dreamy with that Johnny Depp-esque facial hair, and clearly successful. It’s no wonder Shoshanna finds herself flirting with him and eventually kissing him.


3. No matter where you live, dating trouble will find you.

While Shoshanna is dishing details with her lady friends, she’s telling her boss that she has a boyfriend back in America, which is actually kind of true. You remember Scott, right? The guy who makes microwaveable soup. Well, anyway, flash forward to the end of the episode where Shoshanna is at a BDSM club dressed up as a nurse and flogging Yoshi’s friend.


4. Never look at anyone’s phone—you’ll only find things you don’t want to see.

hannah phone

When Hannah picks up Fran’s phone, she sees that he still has naked photos of his ex-girlfriend stored, which he uses to masturbate. This fact throws Hannah into one of her more justified outrages.


5. Fellas, don’t even try to argue with us about what’s on your phone.

Like Hannah says to Fran, “why don’t you just use porn like a normal person” or “why can’t you just masturbate to me?” To which he says, “fine.” See, when we’re being all hypothetical, we say we’d prefer to have our boyfriends look at naked pictures of us, when in reality no one actually wants to take those pictures of themselves. Just ask Hannah.


6. If you want a girl to smile, just mention cake.

When taking some sexy boudoir photos for Fran with the help of Ray and Elijah, even Hannah (yes, seemingly always kind-of naked Hannah) finds herself uncomfortable in her own skin, making it difficult to smile or strike a flattering pose. It’s refreshing to marvel in the reality and awkwardness that is trying to contort your body into even a remotely flattering shape. Of course, when they tell her to picture cake, her face brightens and they finally get that coveted shot.


7. When your friends marry, you instantly (and foolishly believe) that they’ve got this whole relationship thing figured out.

When Hannah Skypes with Marnie on her honeymoon, she’s seeking advice about the whole Fran and pictures of his ex-girlfriend on his phone dilemma. Because Marnie’s married now, we forget how Desi ran off into a river on their wedding day and that time she and Charlie broke up and then got back together and then broke up and got back together again. No, instead, married Marnie becomes the picture of healthy relationships.


8. The world is a chaotic, unpredictable mess.

shos on phone

In the middle of the episode, we learn that Shoshanna has been fired and will likely have to return home, something she loathes more than anything else in the world. She’s finally found her place, a home where she finally belongs. For most of the episode, she tries to come to terms with the fact that she’s leaving. When she talks to her kind-of American boyfriend, he talks about her coming home not being such a bad thing, so he can take care of her. But she doesn’t want that. At one point, she kid of did, but she’s evolved into a blossoming young women. Figures, just when she figures out who she is and what she wants, it’s ripped from her.


9. Why won’t anyone just use the world “fire” anymore?

‘We’re managing you out.’ ‘Your position is too redundant.’ Getting fired is embarrassing and heart-wrenching enough, particularly so when you’re not even sure if you’re being fired or not.

Finally, we see a glimpse of Marnie’s post-nuptial life. Though I wonder if this is the real deal or if we’ll have a Jessa and Thomas-John situation on our hands. Next week, Marnie is back from her honeymoon, so perhaps we’ll find out.


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