Gymnastics is more than just a hobby, an after-school sport, or childhood pursuit- it’s basically in your blood. How do you know? Read on to find out if it’s “in you”:

1. Seeing all this crushed velvet “come back” makes you wonder “when did it leave?” since you basically lived in it after 4pm:

Same goes for scrunchies, by the way. IMAGE CREDIT:

2. Bare feet aren’t gross. In fact, you’re probably more comfortable without shoes on.

“It smells like feet in here.” “Does it?” iMAGE CREDIT: Quezi

3. To you, a raised curb is nothing more than a balance beam out in nature. 

Stick the landing and avoid traffic! IMAGE CREDIT: City of Redmond

4. You still hear songs in terms of “can I get my coach to let me use this as floor music?”

Admit it, you’ve seen this in your head at the club while dancing. IMAGE CREDIT: Buzzfeed


5. To that end, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” isn’t a song by Charlie Daniels, it’s “Dominique Moceanu’s floor music.”


6. Your feet point when you leave the ground. You can’t help it. They just do.


7. “Oh, you have rips from Crossfit? That’s cute.”

501 Blues weren’t your jeans, they were your grips. IMAGE CREDIT:

8. To you, the Magnificent Seven isn’t the old dudes on the top, it’s the heart-stealing Americans on the bottom.

IMAGE CREDIT: Alphacoders

9. And any time gymnastics is on TV, you’re automatically programmed to wince, grunt and cheer like you’re a coach. A lot like this guy.


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  1. I am so proud of my Grand daughter and I loved seeing her in the meets we went to. Even though she is not doing it now you can tell when she walks that she has an air about her that came from her time in gymnastics.

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