I was born in 1988, meaning I was 2 in 1990 and 11 in 1999.

My entire childhood took place in the 90s.


I ate Dunkaroos. I listened to the Spice Girls. I played Rugrats at Recess. I hung out on my inflatable couch working hard to keep my Tamagotchi alive. I even wore that black choker necklace and refused to shop anywhere other than Limited Too.

I was the epitome of a 90s kid.

So, back when I started blogging in 2011, I wrote about my super cool childhood. I talked about AOL for Kids and Orgeon Trail and Lisa Frank and people loved it. They loved it because these things were in the past and they were begging for them to be resurrected.

Soon enough, 90s kids prayers were answered. All of a sudden our youth was returning:

Kids started wearing neon-clad crop tops. 

‘Boy Meets World’ came back as ‘Girl Meets World.’

Celebrities started wearing choker necklaces.

Jimmy Fallon brought back the cast of Saved by the Bell.

Missy Elliot reemerged from underneath a trash bag (just kidding – but she did make a comeback).

‘Full House’ announced it was returning to TV in the form of ‘Fuller House.’

When this all first started, it was pretty damn cool. Our childhood was becoming COOL again. Everything we loved as kids was finally okay to love again. It was exciting.

But then, the 90s comebacks wouldn’t stop. They kept coming at us at full force, even when they sucked and today’s youth had no idea what this shit originally was.

Because of this, the 90s comeback started to get pretty old (just like us 90s kids) and those that grew up in the early 2000s started to take the reins on what was hot and what was not.

The people in charge of the media, though, were not these ‘young millennials’ (gag). They were us ‘old millennials’ (gag again) and then people older than that, like our parents. Most of these people didn’t understand or see that this change was upon us and so they kept forcing the 90s down our throats — and will continue to do so until they realize the 90s actually went out of style in late 2015. Similar to moms thinking Facebook is cool after Facebook was not cool at all anymore, this is just how it goes… but now is our chance to stop it.

Instead of eye rolling at these young people who think Drake and Josh pictures are a total throwback and that High School Musical happened soooooo long ago, let’s accept that this is what’s next. The 70s were cool in the 90s. The 80s were cool in the 2000s. The 90s came back in the 20-teens. And now, as we are 6 years into the 20-teens, and technology and media have forced us to move quicker with whatever is trending, it’s time to start prepping for the comeback of the early 2000s.

This is a PSA – let’s stop continuing to bring the 90s back. Us 90s kids aren’t cool anymore. The 2000s kids are taking over.

So, now, let’s be cautious as we start to bring the 2000s back (talking to you, Gilmore Girls). Nevermind the fact that there was literally no such thing as fashion in the 2000s and there’s no chance people will start wearing expensive tight polos with moose on them again (I’m at least begging for this not to happen), I enjoyed my time in the 2000s. Let’s not ruin that as well.

Our only free pass is to bring back The OC of course because duh, when is this happening?

But then again… what would I know? I’m not cool anymore.


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