It has been almost two weeks since a post has been published to Forever Twenty Somethings… and I am very sorry for that. Two Fridays ago I experienced my first last day at my first “real world” job. After that, I took a “vacation” – however, I’m not too sure that is the right word. That “vacation” was supposed to be kicked off by a 3 day long trip to Cape Cod with my boyfriend. Unfortunately, Hurricane (aka tropical storm) Irene had to f*ck sh*t up. I couldn’t go down the Cape anymore those days, and in order to not lose my money, I had to reschedule for only one night – Tuesday – aka right in the middle of the week. Anyway, back to “hurricane” weekend – Instead of vacationing on the beach, I began preparing for the big move… Oh right… Did I mention I moved out of my house a few days after this? So, yeah… during that time I cleaned out the furniture I was bringing to the new apartment, found clothes I hadn’t seen since sophomore year of high school, and found pictures that should have been thrown out then.

Post-hurricane weather led me to spend approximately 12 hours of a beautiful, sunny day moving my boyfriend out of his apartment to another. *Advice: If you agree to help move someone, make sure they attempt to start packing at least the day before.* The day after, I woke up early to drive to the Cape for my rushed vaca on the beach. We got back Wednesday night… and Thursday was the day my lease started at the new apartment.

Yeah, I had started packing… but I did NOT realize how LONG and EXPENSIVE the process of moving out and moving in to a new apartment would be. Seriously. You think rent, utilities, groceries, gym membership, parking, etc when you move into a new place – but really try to factor in moving in costs before you sign a lease. I didn’t even buy any of my furniture (except a desk)… I brought it all from home. There are just a lot of start up costs you might not think of (for example: condiments, decorations, mirrors, and other random things – they add up!!!).

So anyway, I packed. I shopped. I packed. I shopped. And I packed some more. I started by packing my car for a trip, heading into the city, sleeping there, heading home, packing the car again, heading in to the city, ETC. This went on for days. Actually, it is still pretty much going on now…

Luckily, my dad and brother brought all my furniture in their cars and carried it in – and my boyfriend carried almost all my other stuff in while I waited in the car (I didn’t want anything to get stolen, duh)… And finally, I was all moved in.

But where am I right now? Oh, that’s right… In my bed. At home. Not at the apartment.

The day before I started my new job, I was still struggling to move things in and set my room up. We were getting cable and internet, though, so that was a plus.

Well, long story short – we got cable, but we didn’t get internet. Not only had I just spent a week hurricaned-in, running around like a mad woman spending hundreds of dollars, and driving back and forth with boxes filling the Rav – BUT I hadn’t published a blog post in OVER A WEEK. And it’s killing me…

I have no idea how long this problem is going to last, because nothing is being resolved… but for now, there will unfortunately be a lack of posts on Forever Twenty Somthings. I have started a new job, which is stressful enough on it’s own than when it’s added into the mess of moving in/moving out/maintenance problems/lack of internet/AHH.

You have no idea how much we rely on the internet. It’s sick. It’s on my phone, so it’s not as bad… but FB stalking is not fun on an iPhone. I can’t write a whole blog post from an iPhone. Twitter goes so slow on an iPhone. Anyway, as soon as life straightens itself out, I will provide tips on leaving a job, starting a new job, moving out, moving in, and all the stress that comes along with it… OH LIFE IN MY TWENTIES.


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