We are constantly questioned in interviews: what is your objective? But what if we do not know up-front what is our objective as a new young professional?

On paper, literally, you may be deemed as a confused young professional because you have dipped your feet into numerous roles with different job descriptions. So it makes professionals question the candidate’s motives. I don’t blame them.

I don’t know about you, but I hate being classified into one thing, especially in the professional realm – I know it’s easy for society to identify us if we had labels slapped onto us, but what if I can do this-and-that well?

You worked in Marketing? Cool. Oh, you’re a Fashion Editor? Wonderful, too! Oh, you read, write, edit, and do so much more? So, what is exactly is your passion then?

What if you’re passionate about life? Whatever life encompasses: art, food, travel, fashion, fitness and health, and new experiences. Some of have trouble clinging onto one thing when our passion is simply life and everything around us because we are adventurous souls.

For most twenty-somethings, we are still exploring our strengths and weaknesses and how we can contribute to the roles we take on. Why must we have to have this niche or that one special skill that supersedes all the other well-rounded candidates?

You know what they say: A Jack of all Trades, but a Master of None. Some of us fall into this “category.” I for one am a Master of None because I acquire all these skills over the last two years since college, but I am in this awkward state where I really don’t know what I specialize in. As oppose to companies appreciating my versatile skills set, it can hurt me instead as a candidate. Again, how can I contribute?

You see the issue here, right? I have yet discovered my special skill, but must we have that special skill to be successful? Guess I will have to “figure it out”… however one will figure it out.

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