In college, on the first day of class we’re given a syllabus, a nice outline of assignments, quizzes and tests we can expect for the semester. Unfortunately, real life isn’t quite as clear-cut. For some people this offers an open door to exciting opportunities, but for others it can be a terrifying. How can you do yourself a favor and create a syllabus of your own for “real life?”

In Aaron McDaniel’s The Young Professionals Guide to the Working World, you can find key insights to help lead you along the path to career success. Over 1.5 million people enter the workforce every year, and statistics like that can seem incredibly overwhelming. How can you compete with that many people and somehow stand out? Turning your college degree into something useable that can help further your career isn’t as simple as it was in the past.

Fortunately, this helpful guidebook offers advice for young Millennials looking to make their dreams a reality. Aaron McDaniel, a successful corporate manager, entrepreneur, and community leader offers first-hand advice on how he reached success.

The corporate culture is searching for new ways to understanding Millenials, and we have trouble adapting to the corporate culture post-grad. Colleges don’t offer a class on how to communicate effectively with your boss, but this is an imperative skill to excel in your career.

If you’re worried about acing some of life’s hardest tests, this book may help calm your nerves. McDaniel outlines some of the myths of the corporate culture (sorry guys, but you probably won’t be getting a raise every year, especially not in this economy) and explains what you can do to avoid some of the common pitfalls.

As with any effective syllabus, you need to build on your skills. Consider this book the opening to your final exam – the real world. Good luck and happy reading!


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