In honor of the fast approaching Black Friday (and everyone who is wondering what to buy for me), I bring to you 10 must haves for twenty something girls this holiday season! Stay tuned later this week for gift ideas for him. Happy Shopping 🙂

Watches: If you’re buying a watch for a girl, make sure you know whether she prefers silver or gold (or black or white). If she doesn’t wear much jewelry except small earings and maybe a very tame necklace, then you probably don’t want to get her a big, oversized watch. However, if she loves her jewelry and accessorizing, oversized boyfriend watches are beautiful. IF she has a really nice watch that she wears every day, she probably would prefer something else… Unless she already has everything (which is doubtful).

Boots: Every girl deserves a nice pair of boots. And no girl can have too many – especially ones that will last! If you’re shopping for someone who has no brown boots except maybe one pair from Target, get her a pair of nice brown boots! This goes for any color of boots (and shoes in general – we love shoes).

Jewelry: Jewelry is always a nice gift. Earings, necklaces, or bracelets (not a ring yet)… Also, every kiss does not being with Kay… every kiss begins with Tiffany’s… Just saying…

Bags/Wallets: You can never have enough bags. Really. Even if a girl isn’t asking for a bag, if you get her a nice bag in a color that she doesn’t already have, she will love that! Same with wallets. I never asked for one, and last year my boyfriend got me a wallet. I don’t go anywhere without it (unless I’m using a crossbody bag). Makeup bags are another great thing to have!

An Experience!: Experiences are sometimes better than material items. A nice dinner, a football game, a concert, a night in a fancy hotel, a vacation. This is the ultimate gift, I think.

Royal Blue Peacoat: My new color obsession is royal blue. It is fabulous and it is everywhere. A few weeks ago, I was watching NBC’s Today Show and all the female hosts were wearing royal blue pea coats. Ever since I saw them, I wanted one for myself. I know J Crew has them for a couple hundred dollars, but I can’t seem to find a decently priced pea coat in royal blue. Help (or just buy me one)!

iPad: The iPad has been around for a while and I have had no interest in getting one. I have my iPhone and my MacBook, so why would I want something that would do the same thing as both except be in between their sizes? Well, if I can access my work schedule on an iPad, I would now be into it. The problem: I assume it would be hard to blog on. Touch screen blogging does not sound fun.

Makeup: Being a girl is not easy. Makeup is expensive. Even if you ditch the high end stuff for CVS makeup, it’s still expensive. Obviously, I prefer high end makeup but sometimes I just can’t spend the money. Therefore, money to Sephora or just a few nice eye shadows would be fantastic.

Marc Jacobs Crossbody Bag: This needs no explanation. Obsessed. See below:

Money: Paying for rent, utilities, gas, parking, and groceries is really bringing my social life down. Like most twenty somethings, I want money. Spending money can cure happiness. Sure, getting presents is nice, but when you have money that you can go anywhere with and buy anything with, that is even better. Put it in your savings, buy a new shirt, go out to a nice dinner… whatever. Money is the best gift ever.

What do you want this Holiday season?


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