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Forever Twenty Somethings (FTS) is an on online magazine that helps millennials navigate life in their twenties.

Readers stay entertained while feeling less alone through this whole ‘growing up’ thing. Writers sharpen their writing skills, get exposure, and have an outlet that helps them figure out what their post-college interests are. The best part: Both writers and readers join an amazing community of twentysomethings who make each other smile, laugh, and feel successful, no matter where they are in their lives.

FTS is here to tell that it’s okay if you haven’t found “the one.” It’s okay if you don’t feel like going out tonight. It’s okay if you haven’t landed your dream job. It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out just yet.

A quarter life crisis does not mean you’re old. It means you have three quarters left to figure this whole “life” thing out. It’s not even half time yet.





Samantha Matt graduated from Ithaca College in 2010 with a degree in Television Production and a minor in Writing with dreams of moving to Los Angeles or NYC to work in the entertainment industry. The problem: She had zero dollars in savings, making it hard for her to realistically move.

After eight months of job searching, she finally found a job, but it was far from the career goal she set for herself at age 9 when she used to develop TV shows in her head and write scripts for them in composition notebooks. Bored and in desperate need of a ‘creative outlet,’ she started her own blog called Forever Twenty Somethings.

At first, the website was her own personal blog that documented her journey through the confusing world that was life after college. Since then, it has grown into the online magazine it is today with 70+ contributors located across the country.

Through running FTS, Samantha helps twentysomethings gain confidence in their creativity, become better at writing, learn more about digital media and the editorial world, and find out what their passions are, so they can have successful careers too.

In 2015, Samantha was named one of the 25 most social people in Boston by Boston Magazine/Who’s That. She has also appeared on-air as a guest on New England Cable News multiple times to discuss entertainment news and trending topics, and has been featured in The Boston Globe, Forbes.com, BostInno.com, and Boston.com.

In addition to FTS, her writing can be seen on Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Good Housekeeping, The Huffington Post, Woman’s Day, Esquire, House Beautiful, Country Living, redbook, Town & Country, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, and The Financial Diet.

When not running FTS, you can find Samantha at Pure Barre or an actual bar.  You can follow her on Twitter & Instagram at @samanthamatt1.

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  1. I was just curious whether your site was still up and running. I am FAAAAARRRRRR from being a twenty-something but I wanted to thank you for your post about Dirty Dancing. (Although I did think Lisa was very sweet in the end…) It’s true… dancing does cure almost everything.

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