Author: Maggie V

This is my first spring in almost a decade without a formal or prom to look forward to, and confession; I’m more than a little bummed. I loved getting dressed-up, buying slightly less-cheap adult beverages, and throwing a pre-party complete with microwavable appetizers and a specially crafted playlist. Please tell me there are some twenty-somethings that are going through withdrawal with me?

While I’d love to condone opening a bottle of vino, blasting “Forever Young”, and trying on old dresses, instead of lamenting the past, do something about it. This is the perfect excuse to host your own “adult formal”. I guarantee that plenty of your friends would love an excuse to do something a little different for a weekend, and don’t you worry, I have a few ideas.

*Note: All of these fabulous soiree-appropriate pieces are under $100.*

Bracelet | Earrings | Evening Bag | Shawl | Heels | Dress

February 26th marks the 84th annual Academy Awards show and that sounds like a pretty darn good reason to get dressed up and celebrate. Dig out your old debutante dress, borrow a long evening gown from mom, or hey, go shopping! Cover yourself in costume jewelry and overly dramatic makeup. Have your guests place bets before the show starts, then sip (or chug) champagne and munch on yummy finger foods as you watch the show. The person who predicted the most winners receives their own “Oscar”.

Pashmina | Clutch | Heels | Cocktail Dress

Remember the anxiety of waiting to get asked to prom—and the subsequent heartbreak when no one scribbled “Prom?” on your car with puffy paint? Forget the date drama and invite all your friends over for a “senior” prom. Go get yourself an obnoxiously short and/or puffy dress, dust off your old CDs, and stock up on all your favorite flavored alcoholic beverages. Have your guests pose for pictures in front of a hanging sheet (see these for help) and have everyone vote for a boy and girl to win prom king and queen.

Wrap Scarf | Clutch | Bracelet | Earrings | Heels | One Shoulder Dress

If you were involved in Greek life or other campus organizations, chances are that you attended some sort of event in the spring to celebrate the past year. For us Greeks, this just happened to be formal—an excuse to dress-up, drink excessively, and dance on tables. I’m a little fuzzy on what the timeline is for the appropriateness of this behavior (do I need to retire from table dancing when I turn 25?) so we might as well celebrate in the meantime. Treat yourself to a fun new dress and heels and load the fridge with boxed wine and the finest light-beer you can afford to buy in mass quantities. Clear out your furniture, hide any breakables, and create a mash-up laden playlist. Invite your friends over for a pre-party and then head to a dancing-friendly bar for a night that no one will remember.

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