Hi everyone! We are excited to introduce a new FTS series to you as part of our Domestication Nation section: Adulting In The Kitchenbecause yaaa adulting is hard, but getting dinner ready doesn’t have to be!

Adulting In The Kitchen 


When it comes to cooking, there are certain things I like and don’t like about it. See here:

Likes: Searching for new recipes to cook on Pinterest, knowing exactly what I’m eating so I can calculate the calories (JK, I would never have the patience – nor do I have the math skills – to do this), when others tell me how good something is that I cooked for them, when people like pictures of things I cooked on Instagram, indulging in whatever I made myself because eating is fun, having leftovers.

Dislikes: Having to find time to search for new recipes to cook on Pinterest, having to find these recipes prior to going grocery shopping so I can purchase all the necessary ingredients, when I plan to cook something on for example Tuesday night but when Tuesday night comes along I’m not in the mood for that dish at all, finding the time to cook, the zoo that my kitchen turns into while I am cooking, cleaning, gaining weight.


Basically, as much as I love the aftermath of cooking (minus the weight gain part if that does happen), I could do without the work that goes into cooking. I mean, couldn’t we all?

The work is okay sometimes, but every day? No thank you. On lazy days, the thought of even putting already cooked grilled chicken in the oven for 35 minutes pisses me off.

But just because there may be a night where you don’t feel like cooking, that doesn’t mean the only answer to your dinner plans is ordering pizza or not eating at all. If you’ve got these items in your home, you can whip up something quickly in lazy girl fashion so you can get back to binge watching Netflix asap. You need deeeeez:


1. A George Foreman Grill and marinated chicken, turkey, or steak.


Instead of keeping microwavable chicken nuggets in your freezer for lazy nights, try this. All you have to do is plug in and heat up your George and throw on the protein for 5-6 minutes on each side. To spice it up, keep McCormick’s Grill Mates spices on your shelves. They add some quick flavor to an already quick meal!


2. Amy’s Frozen Veggie Burgers.


Vegetarian or not, these things rock. You can throw them in the microwave OR put them on the George Foreman. He’s now come in handy two times on this list, btw. Two for you, George Foreman. You go George Foreman.


3. Egg Beaters.


I am an advocate for Egg Beaters not because they are low in calorie, but because when I’m being lazy, I am way too lazy to do the whole crack the egg then beat it thing. Egg Beaters are literally a carton full of already beaten eggs. You just throw them on a heated pan and BAM you’ve got a healthy, low-calorie, filling meal of scrambled eggs. I usually ‘pair this’ with gluten-free toast. Not because I am basic, though. Because I am actually allergic to gluten.


4. Salad.


Even I (laziest person on Earth) think that salads are easy to make. You just put lettuce in a bowl, throw some cheese on top, sprinkle on some craisins and walnuts, and top it off with dressing. It takes two seconds. Even if you want to add protein, keep some microwavable grilled chicken (it’s not gross I swear) in your fridge and heat it up for an extra minute of ‘work.’ The work is worth it, guys. Really.


5. Pre-cooked chicken sausages.


Another filling, healthy thing you can keep in your fridge and heat up in the microwave, on the stove, or in the George Foreman (he appears again!). I get the Wegman’s brand usually, but dabble in Al Fresco’s when I venture to other grocery stores. Nom. You can eat this with a salad (see #4) or this next thing…


6. Microwavable rice.


I buy Seeds of Change Quinoa and Brown Rice. 90 seconds in the microwave = a lazy girl’s dream.


There are of course times when I don’t want to do any of the above, but during these times I try to remember that purchasing a $14 salad is fucking stupid when I can make one with food I already own and that pizza leads to weight gain.

Sometimes that doesn’t work though so during those times I just tell myself, when in doubt, eat cheese.



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