Does Uncle Jesse still own The Smash Club?

Will they discuss how San Fransisco is one of the most expensive cities to live?

Will the Tanners still use their catchphrases?

Will Michelle be a true millennial and ask her family for funding for a start up/app?

Will there be a heartfelt episode where Derek comes out of the closet?

Have Nicky & Alex become hot twenty-somethings?

Will Kimmy’s foot problem be solved?


Can we meet the troll that Steve ends up marrying since it’s NOT DJ?

Does Joey move to do his Bullwinkle impression on Hollywood Blvd?

Will DJ’s son’s have catchphrases?

Is Michelle fat from her love of chocolate and ice cream? (Note: I would love to see the Olsens in a fat suit)

Is Comet still alive?

Is Stephanie still a wet blanket?

Does Uncle Jesse still have the pink rabbit?

Can that annoying woodchuck die?

Will Danny rekindle his love with Vicky?

Is Michelle dating Howie?

What news outlet did Becky ditch Danny for?

Does Danny get committed to a facility for his OCD?

Does Joey take a wife?

Can Stamos rock the mullet for an episode?

Is Michelle a champion horseback rider or did she give it up after her mini coma?

Did Kimmy end up with Dwayne but then divorce him because everything was still “whatever?”

How many albums/tours have Jesse & the Rippers gone on?

Does Stephanie still sing covers of “Ace of Base?”

Will Kimmy work for Betsey Johnson for her impeccable fashion sense?




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