Kate obviously wore this Jenny Packham dress better than the model on the runway did…

I love, love, love this dress! And if you do too, you’ll be happy to hear this – ITS ON SALE…. For $3,515!!! Because we all have 3 grand lying around to spend on a sparkly dress. But hey, a sale is sale! Check it out here.

It may look familiar to you Gossip Girl fans… Leighton Meester wore the same dress in a recent episode of the show.  Seeing this picture today is the reason is the reason for the ode to Kate Middleton below. Maybe it’s those hats that make her such a fashion icon… Maybe it’s her gorgeous hair… Maybe it’s because she is the type of girl who would look good in ANYTHING… Or MAYBE (just maybe) it’s the fact that she is a princess. Yeah – that could be it. But seriously, Kate’s tall, thin body really does help her to look fabulous in all her outfit choices… or her stylist’s outfit choices. No matter who is picking the clothing and accessories, though, you have to admit that the girl is absolutely fabulous. And I have plenty of pictures below to prove it.

Casual in a T – and still fab.


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