Friday marks the first day of April (AKA April Fools Day), and for some unknown reason forecasters are saying there is going to be a possible snow storm that is “no April Fools joke.” However, with it being a day of foolery (is that even a word?), forecasters will have an excuse for why they are wrong when it doesn’t snow – again. If it snows, that will be a huge sign that I should get on a plane to Cali and never come back (and when I say never come back, I mean it – especially if there is a plane crash, earthquake, or tsunami – all things I have a huge fear of).

But anyway, WHY do people like snow? If you have a good reason on why you like snow please let me know. No one goes out in cold weather… There is a lack of drinking, no one wants to wait in lines at bars/clubs in cold weather, and you have to wear layers which makes your outfit not as cute. Snow is the WORST because it forces you to sit at home all day, not work out, and eat random food because you have nothing better to do (especially in blizzards). Cold weather also makes you hair static-y, which is so uncomfortable. You can’t be tan in cold weather, unless you want to get skin cancer. Therefore, most people are ugly in cold weather because tans make you pretty and look thinner. I don’t like to ski, snowboard, or even walk in the snow. Snow ruins shoes… and snow boots that actually work are not really that cute. Snow is cold and I have no interest coming in contact with it. It also gets on your car and you have to stand in the snow, freezing cold in your ugly snow boots, decked out in layers (which makes you look fat because you have to pile on clothes) (and its also uncomfortable), and clean the snow off your car with a long, stupid brush. And if you don’t have the pleasure of living at home (as I do), you will have to shovel because your brothers and dad won’t be there with a giant bulldozer/plow and shovel for you. AND did you ever notice as Spring rolls around everyone suddenly becomes nice? People actually kind of have an urge to get out of bed in the morning AND smile… and maybe even go out for a nice drink… bars open their outside areas and roof decks too… and suddenly, waiting in line to get into your favorite bar isn’t so bad.



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