I love shopping. However, I really dislike showing up at a party or going out and seeing some other girl in the same dress, shirt, shoes…etc. To stay away from this problem I try to shop at smaller boutiques with upcoming or local designers, but those rarer clothing items usually come with higher prices. Unless…. you make it yourself.

That’s right, I’m proposing you get a little Martha Stewart and fashion your own fashion. For example: those decorative headbands you see at stores like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters are so easy to make. All you need is a hot glue gun, a plain headband from a drugstore and some flower or lace from a craft store. Plus, you could make a handful for how much one would cost at a trendy store.

I try to tackle a new project every month, depending how involved it is and then I work on it whenever I have some downtime (like while watching the latest Gossip Girl episode). There are tons of DIY websites and blogs for inspiration, instructions, and tips. Check out some of the links below to make something unusual, stylish, and exactly what you want.

1. Honestlywtf.com

2. Free People Blog

3. P.S.- I made this

4.  I Spy DIY

5.  Legally Crafty

6. …Love Maegan

Ok, now pick out a project, get the supplies (and a bottle of wine), and invite your girlfriends over for a party. Happy crafting!

Contributed by Devon Haley. For a more frequent dose of style inspiration check out her personal blog, Vida la Moda.


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