Ashley Benson is one cool mother fucker.

She was one of the six chicks in 13 Going On 30.

She’s a pretty good cheerleader for not actually ever being a cheerleader.

She dated Justin Bieber’s ‘swagger coach,’ whatever that is.

She was a popular betch on season 4 of The OC (you know, the season no one watched).

And Mona… I mean Janel Parrish… was her betchy BFF.

Careful Kaitlin! You’re standing next to the original A!

They weren’t the only PLLs to make appearances on The OC… Lucy Hale did too! Ever think she looks like Rachel Bilson? Well, The OC’s casting department did too. (Make sure you catch the joke Lucy makes at the beginning of the clip about the shows’ ratings).

But anyway — Back to Ashley.

She’s come a long way since this 7th Heaven appearance…

I mean, she makes $5,200 per TWEET.

And she was in that really slutty movie, Spring Breakers, where she became BFFs with Selena G & Vanessa H.

She also makes a mean ‘stache.

And drinks slurpees.

Basically she’s just really cool.


PLL is on TONIGHT! Be sure to read our recap from last week before you watch 😉


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