Helia Zarkhosh

Helia Z. is a native of the DC area and a Virginia Tech alum (Hokieeessss!). Like 98% of transplants 'round here, she relocated to the Boston area for grad school. Shortly thereafter, she began a romantic love affair with the city and just couldn't leave. Helia is a self-proclaimed closet introvert who has become a habitual social butterfly. Having attended over 15 schools from K - grad, there are very few people she can't carry on a conversation with. When not busy at her full time job of looking for a full time job, she's likely stuffing her face with ridiculous and embarrassing amounts of food. Fun facts: she was a member of the Virginia Tech Motorcycle Club, got her license, but never got a bike of her own; she started a pet photography business in Virginia before moving to Boston; she has a degree in puppy-saving... except Tufts likes to call it "animals and public policy"; and she's pretty sure she can't live without donuts. Though she is tweet-challenged, you can follow her on Twitter or more interesting, puppy-filled Instagram: @_HellYeah26 (yes, her name really does sound like "Hell Yeah", and no, this is not news to her)