Kendall McManus

Kendall is a happy, free, confused, and (only sometimes) lonely twenty-two year old who managed to escape California’s armpit of Fresno to go to UCLA. Currently still in LA, she plans to move Down Under at some point in the (hopefully soon) future to fuel her debatably unhealthy Aussie-obsession. Despite graduating with a BA in Geography/Environmental Studies (and a self-proclaimed double minor in Procrastination and Social Media) she still manages to have an absolutely terrible sense of direction. The pickiest eater you’ll ever meet, her main food groups include various forms of carbs and cheese and wine, with orange chicken, cookie butter, and Chipotle thrown in for good measure. And more wine. Though currently working at a small boutique, in her free time she cuddles with her many stuffed animals while binge-watching shows on Netflix, comes up with excuses not to work out, tries to be funny on Twitter (holla @kendallllla), researches cheap ways to fuel her wanderlust, and Facebook stalks her friends and occasionally herself.