We are at Episode 8 of “The Bachelor,” and the women are dropping like flies. This episode starts with Chris Harrison and Nick having a heart-to-heart on the beach: “The problem with me is that I’ve been incredibly confident in relationships before, only to have that rug pulled out from underneath me.” Nick says he feels like there’s a million reasons it won’t work out this time either. Chris asks the important question: Are you ready to quit? Nick says there’s a big part of him that is, which scares him. Meanwhile, the women are at home, freaking out.

Then, Nick shows up in the apartment to talk to the six women he has left about whether he can keep doing it. After saying he feels a very strong connection with all of the women in the room, everyone is relieved. He then cancels the cocktail party and rose ceremony and instead decides to take the women to the island of Bimini.



Has anyone ever heard of Bimini? I feel like it’s fake island.

Raven: “It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, so nothing could go wrong, right?” Thanks Raven, now you’ve jinxed it.

Corinne talks FOREVER about how much she wants a romantic one-on-one day with Nick, and then Vanessa gets picked for her second one-on-one instead. Corinne calls her a “lucky bitch” and stares daggers at her. As only Corinne can.

Vanessa is just the cutest on her date, running full speed at Nick with a goofy grin. Out on a yacht, they chat on the front of the ship about their relationship and how she felt sort of betrayed by Nick’s emotional response to Danielle leaving last week. The cuteness overload continues, as they jump off the boat together to go scuba diving, and kissing underwater among the fish.

Side note: How has Vanessa never been on a boat before?!

That night, Vanessa says she plans on telling Nick she loves him. She tells him she’s been surprised by how “easy” their relationship has been. She tells him she’s falling in love with him and he kisses her forehead. Nick says that while he has been in love before, he’s looking for something greater than the love he has felt before. “I really like you, but…” Uh oh. He says he wants to only say “I love you” to one person, especially in this situation. Between the music and his words, this is just too confusing.



Group Date

Corinne, Raven and Kristina are chosen for the group date, which infuriates Corinne, who is hyper-focused on the hometown date and mad that she hasn’t been on a one-on-one yet.

This is a major group date, because it’s the only date with a rose this week, and guarantees a hometown date. Immediately Corinne strips down to her bathing suit, and Kristina, not having any of it, takes off her cover up as well. Cut to Nick awkwardly putting sunscreen on Kristina’s thigh. Nick tells the women they will be swimming with sharks and the girls are speechless. Raven says she will punch a shark in the face, and I believe her. They all jump into the shark-infested waters, because why not. Kristina gets overwhelmed by the sharks and gets back into the boat, and Corinne floats away as Nick comforts her.

PLOT TWIST: That shark is actually Alexis in her “dolphin” costume back for revenge. JK. Didn’t happen. Should have though.

While Nick and Kristina are having some one-on-one time, he starts tearing up, and Kristina simply says, “Listen, you can’t keep all of us, you have to make a decision.” You go, girl.

During their one-on-one, Raven tells Nick about how her dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and how her parents, who are madly in love with each other, will be excited to meet Nick.

Corinne tells Nick she’s nervous because she hasn’t had a one-on-one with him, especially with hometown dates coming up. Lots of awkward flirting and that’s about it.

Cue dramatic music: Nick gives Raven the rose, guaranteeing he will be going to her hometown next week. Oh look! Surprise concert!


Danielle’s One-on-One

Danielle and Nick bike around the island, Nick in his tight short shorts, obv. They join a group of kids playing basketball, which is actually super adorable. Then they sit by the ocean and have an awkward conversation that really isn’t a conversation but more a string of “ums” and “it’s so pretty.” At dinner that night, they attempt to improve a very vanilla day date. They connect over the fact that they are both from Wisconsin, and Nick says her “face is pretty great.” Okay. Danielle tells him her heart is “very open” with him, and she’s ready to take on anything with him. Nick says he want to care more about Danielle, but doesn’t think his heart can get there.

“You’re just so great,” he says. “Not great enough,” she says. He walks her out, and she leaves, saying “I hope you find what you’re looking for.”




She gets her own section this episode: “When I want something I get it. Always. No if, ands, or buts.” She gets all dolled up and walks over to Nick’s room, to see if he’s okay. “Can I get you…a drink?” He says awkwardly, at a loss for words. She brings up the one-on-one time AGAIN. She leads him to his room, closes the door, and, with their microphones still on, says, “Let’s dive into bed.” So much awkward kissing noises and then Nick says, “I don’t think this is a good idea. Don’t feel bad.”

In his interview, Nick says he’s concerned about all the other women, and doesn’t want to make the same mistakes he’s made before. “I’m glad we did not go to a place we could regret.”


Rachel’s One-On-One


Nick and Rachel set out for a “fun and relaxing” day ahead of the hometown dates. Nick is adorably nervous as she tells him to call her dad “Sir.” Rachel tells him she has dated white men, but has never brought home a white man. A wise bartender tells Rachel, “Make sure this guys really needs you, doesn’t just want you.” Rachel comes back from her date in the middle of the day, which is odd but at this point par for the course.


Goodbye Kristina

Apparently rose ceremonies are just not a thing anymore. Nick just walks into the house and asks for Kristina. He walks her through the house and sits down with her outside. He tells her that as much as he cares about her, he doesn’t feel as strongly about her as he does about other women in the house. “You are so deserving of someone who can give you the love that you are able to give, I’m afraid I’m not that person.”

“You’re letting me go,” she says, because she’s a boss. ” He cries, she’s a rock, and it’s done.

Only Vanessa, Rachel, Raven, and Corinne remain.


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