We’re now on Episode 7, and we left off with Nick giving Corinne the rose after a highly contentious two-on-one date with Taylor. Episode 6 ended with Taylor crashing Nick and Corinne’s dinner date…

“Tonight, Nick’s going to find out that a) I’m not taking this anymore and b) Corinne’s lying to his face,” Taylor says, as she storms into the date. She asks Nick if they can talk and he awkwardly agrees, telling Corinne he’ll be right back. Taylor makes her case to Nick, telling him he’s been “flat out lied to,” and it’s very disrespectful.  Nick responds surprisingly maturely, saying he has “some things to figure out” and that he has no time for bullies. Nick goes back into his dinner date with Corinne and says his decision wasn’t about Corinne lying, but about “where my heart is.”

Somehow he still sees potential with Corinne. Because television.

The rose ceremony starts off with the women arriving in a horse-drawn carriage to a large mansion. Whitney says she’s nervous about not having enough one-on-one time, and honestly I agree because I literally never remember she’s on this show. (Side note: Twitter is worked up over Whitney. Where did she come from.)


Chris Harrison shows up at the mansion and tells everyone there won’t be a cocktail party, because Nick “already knows what he wants to do.” Duh duh duh. Nick starts off the ceremony by saying “I promised myself that as soon as I know, I wouldn’t waste anyone’s time,” and thanks all of the women for coming on the show. He ends up sending Jaimi, Alexis (aka Dolphin Girl) and Josephine home, keeping Corrine, Danielle M., Rachel, Kristina, Raven, Vanessa, Danielle L., Jasmine, and Whitney (literally do not understand).

St. Thomas

Nick arrives in an ocean plane wearing pastel short shorts and a white tank top, and immediately takes Kristina on a one-on-one date. Kristina opens up about her large, adoptive family, telling Nick about her sister who is still in Russia and how much she misses speaking Russian. Nick asks her to tell him more about her history and she looks super uncomfortable. She tells a heartbreaking story about empty cupboards and having to eat lipstick as a child in Russia. She lived in an orphanage for 8 years and when she was adopted someone told her, “If you stay in Russia your life will be in black and white and if you go to America it will be in color.” Nick tells her she brings color to his life. Everyone at home sobs. Obv she gets the rose.

While the women are hanging out at home, a woman named Lorna arrives to tell the women she is there to help them. Corinne: “She’s like a St. Thomas Raquel.” Yes, Corinne. Yes.


The next date card shows up and Danielle L. and Whitney are not on it, so we can only assume it will be another two-on-one. The women take a catamaran to a beach and, in Nick’s words, “just hang out.” Jasmine rides the struggle bus, because she’s on her SIXTH group date but she hasn’t had a one-on-one yet. She gets upset because she’s not good at volleyball and just quits. All of the women are just straight up annoyed that they are forced to play volleyball and not get time with Nick. Raven calls out Corinne, saying she’d be a better volleyball player if she weren’t so drunk. Cut to Corinne taking shots by herself in the bar and Nick just all about it. Suddenly everyone is crying and sitting on the beach by themselves.

Quote of the date: “If Jasmine were a vegetable she’d be a turnip. Because she’s turned all the way up.” — Raven

Finally, Nick realizes his relaxing day totally backfired on him.  “Today… was pretty much a disaster.” Yep.

Group date night highlights:


  • Rachel tells Nick she was on the verge of peacing out, and he interrupts her about a thousand times to tell her he completely understands. She doesn’t seem convinced.
  • Jasmine is still a turnip, and even says she wants to punch Nick in the face for overlooking her. “Don’t you dare overlook me.” She calls him out, and he awkwardly defects, saying she’s hard not to notice.
  • Nick tells her he doesn’t feel the same way she does, and says it’s time to say goodbye.
  • Raven gets the rose and we don’t even see it on TV


Nick takes Danielle and Whitney on a helicopter ride around the island, landing on an isolated beach. Again with the neon short shorts, Nick. He sits with Whitney and asks how she’s doing. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you’re really beautiful,” Nick says. *Eye roll*

Nick tells Danielle L. he felt a strong connection with her, especially in his hometown. She tells him she would bring him home to meet her parents, and she is looking for an equal partner. “I want to be the last person at the end of this.”

Then in the middle of his time with Danielle, he abruptly leaves, and goes to tell Whitney that as much as he wants to give her the rose he can’t. There’s lots of awkward silence. Because no one knows anything about her. Nick and Danielle take off in the helicopter and leave Whitney on the beach.


On their date, Danielle tells Nick she’s falling in love with him. In his interview, he says “This is the second time someone has told me they are falling in love with me, and I know my heart feels differently.”

In a shocking turn of events, he tells her he can’t give her the rose and sends her packing. Yet another producer walks into the hotel room to dramatically remove her luggage.  Nick goes into the women’s hotel room and tells them he’s just not sure if he can “do it anymore.”

At the end of the episode, we’re left with Corrine, Danielle M., Rachel, Kristina, Raven and Vanessa. And nothing seems real anymore.




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