jojo-fletcher-the-bachelorette-2All that suspense from last week for nothing. She still sends Luke home. He’s utterly heartbroken and blindsided. I am thinking he’s got to be the next Bachelor. It’s normally the third pick, but let’s be serious, that’ll be Chase and that guy is no Bachelor. I’ve made it no secret I don’t like Luke, but I feel bad for him. JoJo is crying (which kind of sounds like laughing) hysterically and says she doesn’t know if she made the right decision.

The next day she flies to Thailand and all despair seems to be forgotten.



They explore rainy Thailand and get pedicures together. JoJo is feeling extra emotional on this date because the final 3 is when she told Ben she loved him. And we know how that turned out. Robby shows JoJo a letter his dad/coach wrote him reassuring him of how visible the love is between the two.

The night ends with JoJo proclaiming she loves Robby (to the camera, not him) and is ready to get intimate. They head to the fantasy suite.



Jordan and JoJo head for a hike. They enter a temple where they cannot kiss and JoJo is forced to put a shirt on.

Later that night they talk about what their future would be like and Jordan says he really doesn’t know what the next year with her would look like. The good news is, he has no home base, so he’s willing to move to her, the bad news is he doesn’t seem to commit easily. She challenges him a lot more than she did with Robby. He says he’s never been able to visualize himself marrying someone until JoJo. I guess that’s all the convincing she needed. They head to the fantasy suite. The next morning she tells the camera she loves him too – and after last season cannot believe she’s in love with two guys.



Next up is Chase who doesn’t seem quite as dull as before. I think his hometown gave him a little more pep in his step. They chat on the beach and then do a lot of making out and humping in the ocean. Cut to him sitting on the beach alone and JoJo in her room alone. Assuming this is where they are getting ready for the evening portion. Then, rude-ass Robby decides to interrupt and shows up at JoJo’s door. This could be tricky editing, but it appears he’s broken all brocode and broken up the date. Not cool.

The evening picks up with Chase and JoJo opting to forego their individual rooms and head to the fantasy suite. Mid love professing from Chase, she excuses herself to take a walk. Have y’all noticed what happens when she doesn’t feel someone’s declaration of love? So far she’s said “I appreciate that” (Derek), a look of pure horror (Alex) and just getting the hell out of there (Chase). She finally returns to tell him she’s not picking up what he’s putting down and that he should just go ahead and leave.

Poor Chase, this is the first girl he’s ever said ILY to and in his words, not mine, she said “get the fuck out.” Rightfully so, he’s irritated and confused how she could say she wanted him to open up and the second he did, she breaks it off. I mean, even without him saying it, she would have known she didn’t love him before inviting him to the fantasy suite. I’m with Chase on this one. And I’m not the only one. Twitter collectively loses it, praising Chase that this moment of realness has been his single best moment all season.


Rose Ceremony

Just as JoJo is telling Robby and Jordan how she sent Chase home, Chase himself struts down the stairs. He says he isn’t there to beg for her back, but that he respects her decision, thinks she’s incredible and that he’s willing to wait for her (if things don’t work out). Wait, maybe Chase could be the next Bachelor! He’s been KILLING IT this episode. Certainly at the producers probing.

Jordan and Robby get their roses and ride in to the final two sunset.

I don’t think there is any husband material in either of these guys. I am pretty certain Jordan will win, but I don’t see it being a lasting relationship. We’ll at least find out who she chooses next week in the “most dramatic season finale ever.”

Tune back in tomorrow for Men Tell All.


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