Are you heading to the beach this summer? Aside from your adorable new bikini, your hair is another key aspect of your overall beach look. After an especially unattractive hair situation at the pool this past weekend, I decided a post on beach (or pool) hair was necessary. Learn from my mistakes and enjoy a few great tips for achieving a sea-swept style, as well as protecting your hair from the harsh elements.


We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen at the beach, but have you ever thought about the sun’s damaging effects on your hair? Sun (and chlorine from the pool) can cause dry, brittle hair and fading color and shine. Choose a shampoo that offers a UV shield, and spray on a hydrating UV protection mist before hitting the sand. This will act as a sunscreen for your hair. Many brands even offer after-sun products to help repair your hair from any damage it may have incurred from your day of fun in the sun.

Beach Waves

Whether achieved naturally or from your not-so-tropical home, beach waves are a hot summer hairstyle. Everyone seems to have a different method for achieving the look, so trial and error is recommended. My best advice is to spray a beachy hair product, typically made with sea salt  and which can be found at your local drugstore, on damp hair. Scrunch your hair with your hands (some people twist their hair rather than scrunching), and allow to air dry. Save yourself a few bucks–because well, let’s face it, we’re poor– and make your own salt spray. When your hair is dry, touch up with a curling or wave iron, and apply a no-frizz, humidity-resistant serum lightly with your hands.

Beachy Braids

Braids are another great beach hairstyle. Achieve the beach waves look? Add a little something extra by french braiding your bangs along the hairline. This trendy look is ideal for any summer activities. For a quick and easy look, pull your hair to one side and work it into a loose braid. Hair savvy? Try a side fishtail braid. Check out The Beauty Department’s Braid Board on Pinterest for some gorgeous ideas!


Another way to protect your hair is to cover it. Choose a floppy sun hat, or find fun ways to implement summer scarves into your look. I like the selection at Scarves.Net and they have an amazing E-Book and blog that are incredibly helpful! Tie this bright, scarf into an adorable rosette wrap, or roll up a scarf and use it as a headband. My favorite look–and admittedly, it’s more for fashion than actual protection–is to leave your hair down and tie a cool tribal scarf around your hair boho-style. Bonus, you feel a little cooler than everyone else on the beach (and you totally are of course) with your chic headpiece.

Just remember to be creative and let your personal style shine through to become a fashion icon on the beach this summer. Not heading to the shore this year? These looks transcend the beach making them universally adorable all summer long.

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