As a recent college graduate and newly independent Twenty Something I have come to the realization that my entry level job is really cramping my style. I was rolling in the dough back when I waitressed 40 hours a week. Leaving work on a Friday night with $300 in my pocket was casual. Therefore, spending $30 on a mascara was nothing for me. I was Livin La Vida Loca (Ricky Martin reference intended). Now that I am on my own, $30 dollars is a lot of things: a semi full gas tank, ¾ of my weekly groceries, my internet bill… You see where I am going with this. I CAN’T AFFORD YOU ANYMORE – YSL Shocking Mascara *tears*

Now that I’m no longer living large, I have re-introduced myself to Drugstore Mascaras. The term “drugstore” refers to brands like: Covergirl, Revlon, Maybelline…etc. NOT brands I actually buy at the drugstore – I don’t do that. See “Becoming a Bargain Shopping Ninja” for an explanation. Regardless, since I am now buying Covergirl and Maybelline mascaras once again I have realized something, they fucking rock! Today’s makeup advice: DON’T BUY HIGH END MASCARA! There are high end products that I do recommend buying such as: eye shadow, bronzer and foundation if you have problematic skin. But mascara – nah! Buy it for $6.99 at target.


1) They are cheap – usually less than $8 when purchased at Target or Wally World

2) There are SO many to choose from *so many activities!!!* Step Brother’s reference, duh!

3) Since you need to replace your mascara every 3 months you really are only paying $2.50 a month for long luscious lashes

A Twenty Something’s Guide to Finding Your Perfect Formula & Wand

There are SO many different drugstore mascaras and it’s overwhelming to say the least. Don’t worry! I’m here to help. First you need to get really real with your face. Get out your magnified mirror and take a look at your lashes. Are they long but straight? Short and thick? Short and stubby? Curly and long? Sparse? BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF! It will help in the mascara selection process.

For the girl with long but straight lashes…

I would recommend Maybelline Falsies THE ORIGINAL in Blackest Black (what else would you use?) Always black mascara ladies! This is a great thickening mascara with a curved brush – great for curling & grabbing on to straight lashes. Quick Tip: If you find that your lashes don’t hold a curl well, try it in the water proof formula. The waxy consistency will help keep your lashes curled throughout the day!

For the girl with short, thick lashes…

Covergirl Clump Crusher is your new best friend! This mascara is a great lengthening mascara but it also is AMAZING at separating your lashes. When you have thick lashes, clumpy mascara is inevitable so you definitely want a product that lengthens but also separates your lashes. For this mascara, I do not recommend the water proof formula – I’m not a fan!

Curly and long…

Well, if you have these kind of lashes – screw you! You are very blessed. You can really use any mascara you’re heart desires when in a pinch. However, if you want to enhance your already perfect lashes try: Maybelline “The Rocket” mascara. This mascara is great for adding volume, your long and curly lashes will look fake when you add this product into your beauty regimen. WARNING – it’s a little bit difficult to remove. Both the original and waterproof formula are very waxy. You will need some powerful waterproof eye makeup remover to get this shit off.

Short and Stubby (or sparse)…

Some people, like myself, really just get the short end of the stick when it comes to lashes and need all the help they can get! If you are struggling in the lash department I am going to suggest a couple products for you.

  1. Invest in a GOOD eyelash curler, I know this is beauty on a budget. But a bad lash curler can be deadly. I’ve had my Tarte lash curler for at least 3 years and it’s FAB! $19 well spent.
  2. You might need to layer two different mascaras, one to add length and one for thickness. Apply the mascara that intended to add volume first then apply the lengthening one after. Why? Thickening mascaras can create clumps, using a lengthening mascara afterwards will help remove the clumps without removing the actual product

Product suggestion(s) for Thickening: Covergirl Lash Blast (orange tube) or Loreal Voluminous CARBON BLACK

Product suggestions for Lengthening: Covergirl Clump Crusher (green tube) or Loreal Telescopic

Now that I have probably overwhelmed, confused and just plain bored some of you (haha) I am all done! I hope that you have learned something and are slightly less overwhelmed and nervous when at Target selecting your next mascara. Until next time, I wish you beauty, booze and buck$.

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