I DO NOT claim to be a saint when it comes to beauty rules nor a beauty expert… HOWEVER, there are 7 things that you will never catch me doing. If you learn nothing from me and never read anything else I write, please – I beg you, read this. You will save yourself from: future breakouts, pain, regret, tears, mockery… okay now I’m being dramatic. But on some real shit I have committed all 7 of these deadly sins and since vowing to never be guilty of them again I have really turned over a new leaf, I’m a better person because of it. NOT! Wow, I’m dramatic. Okay, here we go!

1)      Going to bed without removing your makeup

I’m not lying to you when I tell you that I haven’t gone to bed with my makeup on for AT LEAST 3 years. Even if after a long night of partying I find myself not sleeping at home…*hint hint, wink wink* I am still THAT GIRL who demands face wash. I don’t care if people think I am high maintenance or a diva… there is no way I am going to deal with clogged pores and break outs for the next 6 days because I didn’t take 45 seconds to wash my face. Twenty Somethings: if you don’t read the rest of this I’m okay with that, I just want you to WASH YOUR FACE! Save your skin. You will thank me in 20 years. You only get ONE skin, treat it like your first born child.

2)      Plucking your eyebrows in a magnified mirror

This might seem strange to you, but seriously – DON’T DO IT! You will over pluck your eyebrows and end up with super thin pencil brows that were popular in like 1999. Pluck/wax/thread, whatever you do, do it in natural lighting with a normal mirror. If you don’t see any hairs out of place – simply don’t pluck anything! Fight the urge, you can do it! It’s that simple.

3)      Curling your eyelashes right after applying mascara

Some people might argue with me on this one, but I have seen firsthand the repercussions of committing this deadly sin. Curling your lashes AFTER applying mascara can pull your lashes out! I’ve watched it happen and it’s not pretty. Yeah, it might not happen to you THIS time – but at some point it will. Save your lashes ladies! Curl before.

4)      Not matching your foundation to your current skin color

This is prettttty self-explanatory. I understand that desperate desire to look tanner, especially in the winter months. But having a face like Snooki and an albino body isn’t cute.

5)      Using heat on your hair WITHOUT a heat protectant

You wouldn’t have sex without a condom, right? Would you? NO! So don’t damage your luscious locks by curling your hair without protection. My favorite product for this is TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray – $3.99 at Target, can’t beat it! Spray it on your ends like 45 seconds before using heat and you are good to go. Your hair will thank you.

6)      Using a concealer “wand” on an active breakout

This is a concealer wand, just so that we are all on the same level.

Let me paint this picture for you. There’s a disgusting crater in the middle of your forehead and it’s time for work. “I’ve gotta conceal this shit” you think to yourself. You reach for your concealer, take the wand out and cover up your zit. Do you see anything wrong with this picture? Probably not so let me explain. When you use a concealer wand, directly on an active breakout and then place said wand back into your concealer you are literally just letting all the bacteria from your break out sit in your tube of concealer and fester until the next time you use. GASP! When you think about it, that’s fucking disgusting right? ALL the product in the tube is now contaminated. In short, if you have a break out and your concealer has a wand, just use the wand to dab a little bit of product on to the top of your hand and then use a CLEAN finger to apply the concealer to your zit from there. Easy enough right?

7)      Using any sort of liquid, cream, or gel product over powder

Nobody likes a cake face, sorry if that sounds harsh but really. The rule is simple, once you put powder on your face whether it be powder powder, blush, bronzer YOU ARE DONE with liquid or cream products. NO MATTER WHAT! You are done. Placing liquid over powder creates a paste consistency on your face, which later turns into Cake Face. If you want to use a cream blush use it before you powder! Just remember: liquid first then powder. Never in reverse.

Alright, I think that’s all I have! That got very long winded and if you are still with me – bless you. Rome wasn’t built in a day though, if you were reading this and thinking to yourself “OMG I do all of these” relax, it’s okay. I did too! Pick one thing to work on each month. Your skin will thank you!

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