“Friends” The One with the Candy Hearts”

This show does it’s holiday episodes up right.  This episode starts with Chandler being set up with his ex, Janice – one of the best characters of all time that deserved her own spin-off.  The two go home together and then Chandler is forced to dump her on Valentine’s Day.  Meanwhile, Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica decide to burn the belongings of their ex-boyfriends.  Genius – has anyone done this?  A fire ensues from their apartment bonfire but ends in hot firefighters.

“Boy Meets World” My Baby Valentine

Get the Kleenex ready!  This episode is beautiful and tragic all in one.  The day starts with Cory being annoying, per usual, wanting to have a perfect Valentine’s Day with Topanga but it ends with Mrs. Matthews going into unexpected labor.  But in this special – pull on your heartstrings episode – the baby is premature and is put in the ICU. Cue: ugly cry

“30 Rock” Anna Howard Shaw Day

Liz Lemon is my spirit animal and like the true boss that she is she decides to schedule a root canal on Valentine’s Day, however, the dentist office tells her she needs to be escorted home after undergoing anesthesia.  To throw salt into the wound, no one in Liz’s life is able to take her home – womp.womp.  Liz gets her root canal and sees all her ex-boyfriends in the lobby have come to her rescue.  However, its a drug fueled hallucination and Jack comes to get her.  Shark farts.

“Fresh Prince of Bel Air” Stop Will!  In the Name of Love

The episode where Ashley sings, that’s all anyone needs to know.  Will chaperones Ashley’s date since Uncle Phil is be overprotective of her but in turn will does the same and Ashley demands her RESPECT!

“Orange is the New Black” You Also Have a Pizza

Litchfield is a buzz for V-day and the girls get ready to have a party.  Piper does some annoying shit like decide to be mole for Larry.  Red finds her sewer hole while Nicky and Big Boo continue their bang-off in seeing how many chicks they can get.  But the real flawless part of this episode is learning Poussey’s past.  She had once been in love with a beautiful red-head only to be torn away by her lover’s father who is doesn’t approve.  Love is love.

Family Matters “My Broken-Hearted Valentine”

TGIF at it’s finest.  As usual, Steve Urkel is yearning for his love Laura, however, on this Valentine’s Day Laura is with her boyfriend.  Urkel tries to intervene, Laura gets mad, and then said boyfriend tries to put the moves on Laura (to her horror!) It’s okay, though, Steve saves the day and becomes Stefan years later to woo Laura cause that kid was smooth…






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