Are you fashion obsessed? Do you own an unnecessary amount of heels? Do you swoon over awesome nail designs? Does walking into Sephora give you chills? Do you just love everything glam? Well, here’s you chance to get something for it! From now until July 28th, 2013, Hpnotiq is giving away a number of awesome prizes to those who Bling it On! All you have to do is submit photos of the glammest heels, nails, makeup, and overall look in four different 2-week challenges.

Think you have it what it takes to win?

Of course you do. The first challenge is for the glammest heels and is taking place RIGHT NOW! To enter, all you have to do is submit a picture of yourself in your favorite glam heels OR find a picture online of a pair of shoes you’ve been crushing on for months. Here’s a pair of glam heels that I would do awful, dangerous things for:

Hello Louboutins. Okay, so maybe I can’t really drop $1,295 on a pair of shoes right now (even if they are fash-ON), but some day it will happen… right?!

For now, here are a pair of heels that may not glam quite as loud (money wise), but still work for me!

These bad boys are called ‘Sherry’ by Scene on (which if you’re not on by now, you’re crazy).

And of course I just had to browse Pinterest for a pair of super awesome, super fab glam heels… and boy did I find tons… including my submission for the glam heels challenge! I wish I knew more about these shoes. Like, who designed them? Where can I get them? Where can I learn to walk in them? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Those babies are the definition of glam. NEED. WANT. LOVE. Clearly I have a thing for studs! Anyway…

What can you win?

For this round, there will be FOUR lucky winners who will each get to choose a pair of glam designer heels valued up to $800! Yes — your dream shoes could actually be yours.

You can enter one of three ways:

  1. Visit
  2. Go to Hpnotiq’s Facebook page.
  3. Follow @Hpnotiq on twitter and tweet them your picture using the hashtag #GLAMLOUDER.

Be sure to enter ASAP, as this round of Hptoniq’s GlamLouder contest ends at 11:59:59am EST on June 16th.

For the rounds that follow, you can win:

  • One purse of your choice (Up to $1,000)
  • One year of manis/pedis worth up to $1,200
  • $1,000 gift card to Sephora or Ulta

What about the grand prize?!

If you’re really lucky, you could win a trip to LA for you and three friends to go shopping with Khloe Kardashian and star in a professional photo shoot with the chance of being in a real Hpnotiq ad! If you’re one of the four lucky winners this round, you’ll be able to compete in the final round for this awesome prize. And if you don’t win this round, don’t worry! There’s always the next three 😉

Stay tuned on Forever Twenty Somethings for information on how to enter the next challenge. You can also get more information on the GlamLouder contest here. And don’t forget to click here for the full contest rules.

Good luck 20-somethings! Keep glam and Bling it On!

[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and compensation was provided by Hpnotiq via Single Edition Media. However, my love of heels and all things glam is for real.]


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