Here are pictures and video footage provided by the FBI and Reddit of the two Boston Marathon bombing suspects. They are being identified as ‘Suspect 1’ and ‘Suspect 2’ by the FBI. Please share these photos and let the FBI know if you have any tips about these two so-called ‘white punks.’ If you’ve seen any other pictures/videos of these guys — or know anything else, let us know. We’ll be updating the post as we find more out.

Here they are. Suspect 1 is in the dark hat & Suspect 2 is the white hat.

Now we’ll break up the pics by suspect.


Suspect 1 is supposedly wearing a ‘Bridgestone Golf’ hat (Source: Reddit)


He appears to be on the phone here…


Suspect 2 is legit fleeing the scene here.

Here he is again… away from his bag… next to Martin, the 8-year-old who lost his life.

@Kmattio posted this collage of pictures of missing Brown student, Sunil Tripathi, and Suspect 2. Kami apparently went to HS with the missing student and fears that there is a striking resemblance. Of course, Suspect 2 might not even be the bomber — but if not, at least Kami is helping find him for the family. Click here to read an article on Sunil’s disappearance (he left without his phone and wallet and never came back — it’s on video) and click here to check out pics on a Facebook page his family made to help find him. For Sunil’s family, I hope this is not the case. But ANY tips are good tips. Right?

Suspect 1 and Suspect 2 walking down Boylston Street at 2:37pm — minutes before the bombings. Suspect 2 dropped his bag in front of the restaurant ‘Forum,’ which was right where one of the bombing occurred.


Jeff Bauman, a victim who lost both his legs in the bombing, immediately IDed a suspect when he woke up. He looked in the eyes of the man who set a bag down at his feet 2 and a half minutes before the bomb went off. Crazy.

If you have ANY tips, please let the FBI know at Someone knows something.


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