If you were to walk up to your neighbor’s door, dressed head-to-toe in your most creative Halloween costume, chances are they’d slam that door right in your adult face.

Unfortunately, we (probably) can’t pull off the “trick-or-treat” aspect of Halloween, but that doesn’t mean we can’t show some spirit in our twenty-something-way. No, I don’t mean putting on your sluttiest version of a nurse’s outfit or the classic lingerie with some sort of animal ears on your head – c’mon guys, we can get a little more creative than that, can’t we?

It’s pretty amazing what you can do with some laundry, black tights, a black shirt and some dryer sheets – static cling! With costumes as easy as this, it’s hard to pretend like dressing up is “too much work.” And while we may be giving up the luxury of receiving free candy from perfect strangers, the ability to dress like an absolute idiot in a bar or at a friend’s party really only comes around once a year, so I think we should take full advantage.

Halloween is a great excuse to put on your most absurd outfit and appreciate the other fools around you. Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we have to give up one of the best parts of being a kid – dressing up. Plus as “grown-ups,” we get the added luxury of alcohol. Shipyard Pumpkinhead anyone?

Time is running out to appreciate this wonderful haunted season in all its glory. Don’t act like you’re “too old” for Halloween because it’s simply not true.  Pick up some candy corn, give yourself an evening to carve a poorly designed pumpkin with crooked eyebrows and ignore that diet you planned until November. Candy-calories don’t exist in October – it’s science!

As adults we’re usually forced to give up a lot of our favorite pastimes like naptime in exchange for other responsibilities and Halloween is one of those holidays that we don’t have to sacrifice.

I still love to put on a silly outfit and go out. Now, if only there was a bar that gave me free beer when I approached them with the phrase “Trick-or-Treat” – a girl can dream, I guess.

So pop in your favorite Halloween-themed flick (I mean come on, will Hocus Pocus ever get old?), find a costume that will make people laugh and give All Hallows Eve the recognition it deserves.


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